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  • I could keep my options open yes, but realistically speaking the jobs I can achieve with a history major are few and far between. Sometimes you have to balance passion with practicality. I've known far too many imbeciles that went into a major without researching the job growth in their respective fields before hand, and they are forced to go back to school later and choose something else. My friend had a bachelors degree in art history focusing on modern art and wasn't able to get a job anywhere. She's doing graphic design now as a means to get by.

    Those are all interesting subjects you mentioned, aside from mathematics. I've contemplated going into law. I wouldn't mind being a federal prosecutor. I thought about being a defense laywer but, I'm more of an accuser than anything else. You're right about philiosophy however. The only job you could ever hope to achieve with that major is a professor at a university. Which, to have that title requires your doctorate and you'd be have fierce competion since already tenured professors likely hold the position.
    I'm sorry, but why on earth would you want to waste all that money going to an Ivy League institution or Oxbridge when you have HECS-HELP to help fund your undergraduate degree in Australia? Even if your parents are shitting money out the ***, there's no benefit going overseas for your undergraduate degree other than having "OMG I WENT TO HARVARD LOL" on your resume. Is that worth $100k+?

    Start considering the Ivy League/Oxbridge once you've finished your honours degree in Australia and are dead-set on pursuing graduate study. From the sounds of things though, I don't think you've really thought this through. ;\
    Well, you must be bordering on brilliant academically to be considering those schools you mentioned. That's impressive!

    I plan on studying my undergraduates at local community college here in Minnesota. It takes a little longer yes, but I save around $10,000 dollars because it's lower tuition for the same credits, if you transfer to a university after. Once that's out of the way I plan on transfering to California state and major in history, in the area of archival science.

    There isn't a lot of job growth in that field though, so I might end up changing my mind a long the way. I definitley don't want to stay in Minnesota though. I can't deal with icy dangerous roads for six months of the year. It's really scary.

    But what field of study are you interested in?
    Ah, senior year. I really hope you enjoy it. Mine was rather lack-luster. What university do you plan on attending when you're finished with highschool?

    I've taken this year off to work and catch up with my friends (Or in other words party, let's not mince words here lol), before starting college in the fall. I had moved in the middle of senior year and it was somehwhat difficult living so far out from the city.

    That and still caretaking after this little place.
    Meh, people grow apart all the time, I suppose. It's not too dramatically tragic on its own, but it is less peasant when what's left of a friendship is more confrontational than nostalgic. And I suppose this place was never exactly the bee's knees, but we did have some fun in our heyday, didn't we? Not much exists like that anymore, at least not often.

    Ooh, how exciting! The last chance to really pile on the accolades and go out with a bang. Good luck to you this year!

    Why, it seems like only yesterday you were in diapers.
    All thanks to my years of detective work as part of the NYPD.

    You haven't been active maybe, but you haven't been forgotten, Cam. You've changed a great deal in just two years? For the better, I hope. It would be a shame if it was for the worse. ;P

    Ah, well, I'm glad you responded to my VM, anyway. It's good to hear from you again. I'm sure Ethan would feel the same, though he's changed a lot, too. He and I rarely speak anymore, and the times we do, we're often in disagreement over something. =/

    Haha, surprisingly not much. I still keep the offline life separate from here. And on here, things have seemed to slowly slide downhill. You?
    Holy smokes. What a surprise to see your name in my profile visitors. If you stop by again, leave me a message, please. It'd be nifty to talk, if even just a little.

    Take care! ^_^
    Where the hell have you been?

    The Bank Job, you say? I bet he'd like something like that. And yes, I have seen The Dark Knight. And I was very glad I did. =P
    Yeah, I did. He'll be coming home soon, though. Finally! When he does, he wants to go on a movie-watching run together. ^_^
    Ah, I tried to say goodbye to you before I left last night, but I posted on my own wall... again. Sorry about that!
    If you want to learn how to do that I would suggest watching RianatheCat's "How to draw Sonic's head" video on Youtube. It took me five minutes to get all stuff down pat.
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