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  • Keep Umbreon? Don't change to a certain well-known Murkrow avatar? ;)

    P.S: Jackson kids blow my miiiiiiind...
    Omg your alive.

    And yes, it is a record. Lol, I've already thought about changing it. I want the snake cut out. =P
    Thanks again. ^_^

    And I continue to hope to see you around SPPf every once in a while! *points assertively*
    This awesome dude is called Black Jack. The series called Black Jack, is a series created by Osamu Tezuka, creator of other popular titles such as Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion, etc.

    Black Jack is one awesome doctor. He's like the Japanese Gregory House.
    This is very amusing. Straight after you left I got the answer.

    We know that d = kr;

    We need to go about expressing each of the gems in terms of k and r.
    2d = e + r
    2kr = e + r
    Therefore e = 2kr - r = r(2k-1)

    s = d + e
    s = kr + r(2k-1) = r(3k-1)

    We have one more condition, 14r > s:
    14r > s
    14r > r(3k-1)
    14r > 3kr - r
    15r > 3kr
    5r > kr
    5 > k

    That gives us somewhere to work with!

    d + e > e + 3r, thus d > 3r:
    This means that for d = kr, k > 3.

    Obviously k is a positive integer such that 3 < k < 5, which means k = 4.

    Therefore, Indiana Jones places four rubies on the other side.
    Hey Conquistador!

    I have been at school, but i had to drop it this year due to my falling marks. A 60 in Latin took weeks of study, whereas a 80-90 in geography is pretty much guarenteed. I regret it quite alot actually, but oh well! What im more afraid of is it all going and im forgetting it, like the mistake i made on your quote last night haha. Ill probably take up lessons when i go to university though as i plan to go into law and it sounds helpful.

    How long have you been learning it for?
    No idea. It's an acronym for something, but the meaning has long since been lost to history.
    I need to get to know him better, then.

    Everyone has a breaking point. There is always, at least, one thing that annoys even the most jolly of people.

    I assume you know more about him than me, do to you both being butt-buddies debate forum friends. Give me like his top ten things he does/like. Perhaps I can use it to our advantage. Also, you mentioned before about this being on a large-scale. How many people are in on this?
    So I hear you are trying to find a way to tick profesco off.

    I want in. NO WAY someone can be - or, at least, SEEM to be - as calm, respectful, and nice as him.
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