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  • lolz sis, we're both boulder trainers xP whoaaa, you were last active in august of last year, silly sis, but i have no room to talk, i was last active in february..
    I see you haven't been on in awhile, but I wanted to tell you this anyways ( I still don't have a YT account D: ).

    About your video for previews of the AMV's/MEP's you plan on doing, they look so freakin' awesome! I think you should definately finish the 'In the End' video because I am a huge LP fan, and not many people use that with shippings...or ones I like, at least. xD

    The Reason and Decode are also great songs, and I think those look terrific so far. I recently finished Fruits Basket so I'm interested in the last video, so I like them all. :p

    Sorry for not talking to you lately or checking your channel, school really sucks with homework and all. Dx

    Anyways, awesome job! No pressure or anything, though. ;P
    Hya! =D I'm sorry I don't think I can spell your username right (cause Im stupid like that) you're dragongurl (some numbers I can't remember xD;) right? =D Welcome on serebii n_n
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