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  • Not trying to sound like a jerk, but I think someone else mentioned Dragon Pulse over Ice Beam back in the day on Milotic. It's just that a lot of people pair Milotic with *Insert OU Dragon Here* and seeing as they already have an attacking Dragon move, it was more logical to give Milotic Ice Beam.

    I'm sure you've created plenty of sets, however ;)
    Oh, it's okay though. You can change the moveset. I just added my own twist to a moveset that I saw a Lapras from PBR was using. So, well, it's not really novelty. I only said I wanted to "try" something new. I didn't say that it was my own creation. If it were, I'd say "My invention" or something, or maybe the same thing, I don't know. Sorry if my "novelty" moveset looks weird. Do you think it might work though?
    Oh. But I knew that already. I just wrote that because his Sceptile was going to do some tanking. I didn't really know why. I should've wrote "Why?" after my question I guess. Oh gosh. I made myself look prety stupid. Oh, well, story of my life.
    It's weekend now, but after that it's my last week of school and then I get some holidays! Yay!

    And yes, I watch Naruto! Kiba is such love. <3 Then my other fave characters include Shikamaru, Neji, Gaara, Deidara and Itachi. Oh, and Tayuya too. Kimimaro and Tobi are cool too. Ack, I have quite a few faves...
    Mel-Girl spots you online and like, says hi.


    Aka how are ya, how's it hanging these days and OH SNAP YOUR BIRTHDAY IS A DAY BEFORE KIBA'S! <33333
    Thanks for the site. Mind if i ask which pokemon you used? I have a Milotic with maxed beauty and tough. And a cool pichu. What happens when you win the contests?
    hey contestNoir, i was wondering if you do any of the contests in pokemon diamond or pearl, if yes i was wondering how far you got and if you could give me some pointers.I almost can get master ribbon for both beauty and tough.
    Whoah nowai. Do they have it at your school or are you learning by yourself? I have lots of Chinese/Korean friends, even though I'm actually Swedish. Like fluent. But I got tired of being left out one day, so I decided on Chinese. I'm using a bunch of books and podcasts to learn because they don't teach it at my school. I'm taking french in school. :p It's better than Spanish, at least.
    Hmm. So what forums do you visit the most? And are you into that like, hardcore battling thing? Because there's some stuff I don't quite understand, EV training I kinda get, but there's other poop. Which games do you own? And what do you do to keep from getting bored in Pokemon? X-D Okay, I'm done with the questions. If there's anything you feel like I need to know that I haven't asked, please tell me. ^_^
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