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  • Yes...I can tell...o_O
    But, just for reference, it's just here. Approved through the Pair and Twin thread.
    Anywho, The pair/twin thing is not related to shipping at all. (But generally becomes it, I have no idea how.)
    Manix is your twin? lol OK 8/10
    Yes I am. Why do you seem suprised? Oh wait, wrong start.
    Hai thar. Hows you going?
    well, that's good! I was hoping he wouldn't =D
    yeah, I found out that it was on GBA, a lot of my friends told me to play it, but idk, I don't really feel like buying it =P I just re-bought kh1 because my last copy got lost
    Yeah, but, I hope he doesn't just leave Sora, Kairi and the rest of them just like that and continues on with the new characters but whatever.
    oh, Chain of memories, I've never played that before, but I've seen the cut scenes before so I get what happened.
    Mm, PSP I think because the creator said he was done with making games for PS2, it's a good thing I already have PSP, lol
    Isn't it? I <333 Kingdom Hearts!
    Same, I can never get sick of Kingdom Hearts =D Actually, you know what? I want to play it right now xD
    I heard that the third KH may not have Sora as the main character D: But I still might play it.
    Where are you from anyway? I'm about to start year 11 and i've finished my exams. I got 1a, 3bs and 1c. Anyway good luck to you!
    It's been a while... Where have you been?! XDDDD *glomps* Yes, I'm killing time by spreading Mel-Girl onto profiles. XD
    Hey contestnoir888, its cool in london apart from all the teenage stabbings. Tragic really. How are you?
    Yeah, the groups seem to be forgotten D: But I was never really that much of a club person in the first place, lol
    It's cool to meet someone else who likes Kingdom Hearts. Isn't it the coolest? <3
    Yeah, I joined the club, but I hardly ever post, actually, I can't remember the last time I did post, lol
    Oh yeah, go ahead and friend me ^^ Thanks for asking ;)
    Lawl. xD I see that you have read my latest entry in my blog, eh? Anyway, thanks for the greetings (quite unsuspected, eheheh)... Just wait for my next update in my blog so that you will know where I will be. :3

    Oh btw, belated happy birthday to you! I see your birthday was 7 days ago. ^^
    Thank you for the apology i wanted to apologise to you for saying those things but i accept and im sorry too. Friends right?
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