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  • haha the only person ash beat that he could hold grude against is a cotd stephan or trip >.< and ya i agreee
    haha thats true! but still! and ya i hope its not like trip and doesnt have the attitudel ike paul >.<
    ha i thought it was >.< it was soo close :p. umm i hope its not a new trainer >.> and i hope he has a good attitude unlike paul >.<
    really? i loved all the skill ash used like close combating the ground and the counter shield the ice aqua jet >.< Volt tackle nuff said about that >.< just it was such a great battle to me
    really i thought it was the best league. hah ok u know paul vs ash was still THE Best league battle ever. i hope not ... i want gen 6 to be better
    ya i wish ash wouldve atleast lost in top 4 >.< watch gen 6 he get top 16 :p haha ya some were unnessesary haha

    ya kanto was meh
    i told u it wouldnt be a long virgil battle! and i liked th eflashback :p umm i say its the 4th best with kanto as the worst >.<
    of course -3-... XD

    Now all you have to do is find the sprite as a gif online, copy the image location, then click on "Insert picture" and paste it into that. It should display correctly.
    Cedric will probably have some role in the Plasma arc. I'd have to wait to see the evolved forms but I'll probably go with Fennekin.
    That's true. Juniper is my favorite Pokémon professor since Oak honestly so I would love if she played a bigger role. In fact, she has showed up in BW more than Elm, Birch and Rowan did in their respective seasons and we actually saw her battle which is rare for a professor!
    I would love that but I have my doubts. It makes sense why Professor Oak appears a lot since he is from Ash's hometown and close with his mom but I don't know if Juniper will stay.
    I usually get sad every time we say goodbye to a generation. But I am excited for Gen 6. I hope BW ends on a high note.
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