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Aug 6, 2014
Oct 27, 2013
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coolerdynastic was last seen:
Aug 6, 2014
    1. Sylpheon
      Nah, its fine ^^. I feel even worse about taking so long to tell my situation. Good luck with your exams. ^^
    2. Sylpheon
      Sorry I was on vacation from March 9 and I just got back today. I posted a message in my shop about it and said that its ok if you don't want the Pokemon from my shop anymore. :) I'm back and I can trade, but I was wondering if you still wanted them after the long time. xD
    3. Sylpheon
      I'm soo sorry for the long time its taking. The WiFi here is bad on my 3DS so I can't trade anytime soon. >.< I appreciate the patience, and if you do have another way to get the desired Pokemon, you can do that too. :) Unless you're able to wait until April the 16-17.
      Once again, sorry for the inconvenience and inactivity.
    4. sunny phoenix
      sunny phoenix
      Its ok... the last i can offer is a female shelder adamant shell armor 5iv (-sp atatck) otherwise do u happen to have any breeding leftover growlithe? i dont care about iv and nature just to be female with the breeding moves... i can offer 5iv imperfect jolly kangaskan and modest porygon
    5. sunny phoenix
      sunny phoenix
      what about female fletching gale wings 5iv (-sp attack) with gale wings?
    6. sunny phoenix
      sunny phoenix
      hi can i ask u if u happen to have any other pergect 5iv growlithe with morning sun and close combat? and if u are willing to trade for female deerling jolly chlorophyll perfect 5 iv with baton pass?
    7. Minedreigon
      Im here now! I added you. My FC is 2122 5686 8953
    8. Minedreigon
      I'll be on at 1pm till 2pm to wait for you. Pm.me.if you see me then
    9. Minedreigon
      Your breeding request is complete! What is your FC?

      2122 5686 8953
    10. #1PokemonFan
      Hi, here is my friend code if you want to battle or trade 3411-1691-1122
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    FC: 4141-3147-5808
    Type : Poison = Kakuna,Venomoth,Whirlipede
    send me a PM if you wanna add me
    looking for
    Pokemon: Ditto FS or 4IV Ditto, Leavanny