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  • Nah, its fine ^^. I feel even worse about taking so long to tell my situation. Good luck with your exams. ^^
    Sorry I was on vacation from March 9 and I just got back today. I posted a message in my shop about it and said that its ok if you don't want the Pokemon from my shop anymore. :) I'm back and I can trade, but I was wondering if you still wanted them after the long time. xD
    I'm soo sorry for the long time its taking. The WiFi here is bad on my 3DS so I can't trade anytime soon. >.< I appreciate the patience, and if you do have another way to get the desired Pokemon, you can do that too. :) Unless you're able to wait until April the 16-17.
    Once again, sorry for the inconvenience and inactivity.
    Its ok... the last i can offer is a female shelder adamant shell armor 5iv (-sp atatck) otherwise do u happen to have any breeding leftover growlithe? i dont care about iv and nature just to be female with the breeding moves... i can offer 5iv imperfect jolly kangaskan and modest porygon
    hi can i ask u if u happen to have any other pergect 5iv growlithe with morning sun and close combat? and if u are willing to trade for female deerling jolly chlorophyll perfect 5 iv with baton pass?
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