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    haha!!! i remember!!! so is this the boyfriend that stalked you? remeber my stalker? shes still at it!!! we have candy cane grams at our school which are candy canes and messages attached. anyway i got one that ssaid from: secret lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i know it was her!!!! Snakey says hi!!!
    Okay I will try my best I'm a little on the shy side but I'll muster up my confidence
    That's good that he's a nice guy, I have a crush on a girl in my school I just have to get to know her a little better she's really nice smart and athletic
    Aww thanks :) Im glad you got a bf is he nice? Dex has been looking for you for qwhile
    esp talks to me, you never do anymore. nor do you get on chat. i also made a new clan. nato says adrenaline wont be posted, sad... i miss you
    esp you have been gone for while! i demand you come back this instant young ladY! lol come we mizzz you!! also i sent you a pm if you see this before then
    damn i don't speak that!!! mexican!!! that's pretty rad

    i speak english and i am english
    boring i know but still...
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