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Last Activity:
Oct 3, 2011
Mar 17, 2009
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Hoenn Lover, from washington

coolice23 was last seen:
Oct 3, 2011
    1. Venomfrog
      Good for you. Have fun playing it!
    2. Venomfrog
      Hey, Coolice23. How have you been the last few months? I apologize if I have no recent updates of my RSE Recent Happenings. I have been too busy recently to play Emerald, but I am still writing fan fiction.
    3. bobandbill
      Heh, no problem.
    4. leilukin
      Sapphire was the first Hoenn game I had ever played. I didn't really complete the game though. I remember during my first play of my Sapphire, Brawly gave me a lot of trouble.

      Good luck on your journey in your Sapphire. :)
    5. coolice23
      thats true, the only drawback is i really want the battle frontier!
    6. Venomfrog
      Play Sapphire. Real games are more advisable than emulators.

      I use an emulator for Emerald, but only because I own the game and the internal battery died, so technically since I already paid for it (and have a receipt) it is not illegal for me to play the game on my computer.
    7. leilukin
      Thanks! I treat the recent happening threads as journals of my journey in the games. Therefore, I often make sure that my posts on the threads will not be spammy.
    8. Venomfrog
      I am glad you like it Coolice23. How far in are you?
    9. Venomfrog
      Thank you. It might take quite a while before I can write something like that, maybe even up to a year since I am working on a Pokemon-based novel right now.

      Until then, the Happenings should satisfy you. :)

      The type of fan fiction of which I was thinking for the Happenings would be a documentary, sort of like those biographies which follow a famous person's life.
    10. Venomfrog
      Writing is one of my personal passions, so it comes naturally to me.

      A club for detailed recent happenings? I am not sure that that would work out, because quite a few people do post quite a bit in the happenings thread already, and since game happenings are meant to be there and nowhere else, I am not sure that the moderators would allow a club for that purpose.

      Maybe what I will do once I am done with Emerald, I will write a fan fiction story based on my journey, and then post it, which would likely make others want to do the same.
    11. Venomfrog
      Well, as soon as I started writing a fan fiction with the hero not unlike me and from Lavaridge Town (began last December), Hoenn has been my favourite region, and I love to play Emerald and document everything. I think the full swing of documentation happened once I got to the Mauville-Lavaridge part, and caught and trained Torkoal and Swablu, and had such a tight battle with Flannery that despite having already played Emerald twice the game came alive again.

      I am glad I enhance your playing experience. XD
    12. Venomfrog
      Did you like how my luck let me down a whole bunch of times? :P

      Curse that Attractive Fearow...
    13. Venomfrog
      Hey, coolice123. I finally got a RSE Recent Happenings episode up. Feel free to read it.
    14. Venomfrog
      I have been absolutely weighed down with university, writing a Pokemon-based story and other life issues right now. I have been working on the R/S/E happenings, and a large update is in the works, but I have final exams soon. Expect an update in mid-to-late December.

      I intend to a playthrough of HG/SS when I get the game, whenever that may be next Spring or Summer.
    15. 1rod
      Nice trading again.

      So what kind of Eevee will your HG team have?
    16. Gabriel Rocha Nascimento
      Gabriel Rocha Nascimento
      I tried to explain to you how to watch the battles in the thread.
    17. coolice23
      you can have legendaries, not ubers!
    18. shiny dvilla
      shiny dvilla
      yeah, and you used 2 legendaries, and had 2 leftovers
    19. shiny dvilla
    20. shiny dvilla
      shiny dvilla
      come on, do you wanna battle or not?
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