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Last Activity:
Nov 11, 2012
Apr 22, 2009
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Jan 9, 1991 (Age: 29)
Home Page:
CT and ME, USA

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Member, 29, from CT and ME, USA

Coontank was last seen:
Nov 11, 2012
    1. SolarPowerX
      Oh hey. I haven't been on in months but I just signed on. That's cool, we sort of dropped out of Serebii now. We're just a group of friends that like to play multiplayer games and stuff. If you ever get this, feel free to just drop in on the site.
    2. RifleAvenger
      Hey, it's been a long time. Just thought I'd say hi.
    3. Darkrai00

      yea the game has gotten far ahead, i just came back at the beggining of 5th gen. and am still learning alot of it.
    4. natopotato22
      Of course I remember you.
      I thought you were using the TerraVida thing tho.
      Well, anyways...
      Welcome back. And just lemme know if you need any help with 5th gen.
    5. Skrull
    6. paulegacy
      ok i did not loose it i found it if u want it back just message me i am comming back to serebii
    7. paulegacy
      umm did i ever give it back if i did not then UUHHH i lost it
    8. JD
      Hey coontank wats up
    9. Spncrbrrtt
      Alright, I'll probably pass it off to Nato. Rezon just got off.
    10. Spncrbrrtt
      I'm actually goin to a concert tonight, so I won't able to be on. I'll keep checking back for you. What time are you usually on?
    11. shipwrecks
      two options: I will send this to both of you,
      Coontank: you can get shoddy, practice with your uu team on shoddy today so that you are used to the shoddy system and thenand battle against andrew tomorrow on shoddy.

      Andrew: PM a SAVer to make your team, or if you can tell me your team i will breed them for you and help you EV them.
    12. Spncrbrrtt
      alright, thanks for understanding. What I'm really worried about are the 10 or so shinies in that game and my battling team, along with Nato's gyarados...
    13. Spncrbrrtt
      Sorry it's been a while since I messaged, I told Mudkip and Nato what was going on and I thought they had talked to you. I've been having some problems getting online since my brother changed the computer password... but anyway, I can't find my platinum. I'm looking all over and thought I would postpone talking to you until I found it and could give back Hippopotas. I'll let you know if I find it later on today, I'm planning on searching my room again, but if not, I'll try and breed to another to replace the one lost. Sorry about the trouble.
    14. pieman556
      Hey Coon, we gotta battle for the force wars, I'll be looking forward to it, just PM or VM me, whatevers fine
    15. shipwrecks
      sure, i just sent you the quiz,
      i do suggest you try and go on the forum since a lot of the things will be updated there and not on serebii

      the best solution for that, because its hapened plenty of times is that you should just make a fake email elsewhere and register that for the forum, i will never use your emails to try and contact you anyways. so no worries about getting messages on that email from me
    16. Rezon
      yeah sure Ill be your rival
    17. Skrull
      well its tomorrow..ish did you get your pokes back?
    18. coolespeon
      hi coon, I just read your message and I´ll be an xat too. Here´s the EV´s I´ve done so far: Attack that was 64, Speed that was 20, and here are the points left of the ther stats: HP: 148 points left and Defense 76 points left. I´ll try to do the more I can before return it to you.
    19. Skrull
      hi coontank wanna battle?
    20. Spncrbrrtt
      I have time, I just need to wait one more day until my mom gets home.
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    Jan 9, 1991 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:
    CT and ME, USA
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Art, Pokemon, Coheed and Cambria