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  • You need to change your sig, Leppa is already released for a few weeks now :p
    I see what you are saying completely, but I guess we just have different opinions. I am not going to argue more about something that neither of us will change our minds about. So like you said before, let's agree to disagree. So with that have a good day :].
    It's still just a different method of doing things, anyone can do it, you don't have to alter the cartridge or make the game do anything it wasn't meant to do. It sounds like you're most upset because you don't want to take the time to learn how to RNG yourself, so you feel you're being cheated. If someone was incredibly lucky and near every Pokemon they caught, without trying, had perfect IVs would you say that person was being unfair? At the end of the day the result is exactly the same, the work to get there was just different.
    i don't misunderstand your point, I just don't agree with it. I feel that learning how to RNG abuse, getting the equipment and getting the timing right to finally get the perfect pokemon is just as much effort as my way.
    So let's agree to disagree :p
    Figured we should stop spamming up the help thread with RNG talk xD

    Poor analogy. It would take much hard work and practice to become a 'flawless' runner. Taking shortcuts would only hinder your end result. RNG abuse is more like being dropped into the body of an athelete and then being asked to prepare for a marathon. And in the case of these events, you're given that athletic body while your opponents were given the bodies of obese couch potatoes and asked to be just as prepared as you in the same amount of time.
    It's not a poor analogy. To actually make RNGing worth while it takes a lot of time and work. It's just faster than breeding traditionally. It's not taking a shortcut, it's a more involved method that can decrease your time spent hatching or catching.

    I suppose we can amicably agree to disagree on the issue then. I just think RNG abuse gives an unfair advantage when used in formats like the VGCs, where players are expected to have obtained their pokemon through breeding or regular capture methods.
    You do obtain your Pokemon through regular capture methods.

    All RNGing does it let you know when you can find a specific Pokemon. It would have always been there, and you could get it without knowing it was going to be there. It's like farsight, sort of. But knowing the Pokemon is there doesn't guarantee you'll be able to obtain it, not until you've become very good at it.
    Your post on RNG abuse bothers me. Using your logic, it would be unfair of me to participate in tournaments because I only use near-flawless pokemon. I don't RNG abuse, I spend the time to breed perfect pokemon for my teams. RNG abusers are just taking a short cut to something anyone can take the time to do.
    Thanks! I figured that would be a good thread to focus on since I might be able to do some good for others, and maybe learn some things myself.
    HI welcome to Sppf, I just saw you at the Black and White Help thread, you are doing great keep up the good work
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