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Corbins Mix
Last Activity:
Feb 18, 2015
Nov 2, 2013
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Corbins Mix


Corbins Mix was last seen:
Feb 18, 2015
    1. Rocxidi
      Not planning on opening my gyms today, but if you're online I might be able to challenge you today.
    2. Rocxidi
      I keep forgetting about your VM, lol. I might open at night today, if i do, please PM me so i don't miss your message.
    3. LeafeonTheVoid
      Thanks! You too man, take it easy. :)
    4. LeafeonTheVoid
      Sounds good man! That gives me even more incentive to keep trudging and finish my gym team asap. Looking forward to battling you soon!
    5. LeafeonTheVoid
      It's been a little emptier without you man. A lot has happened, but lately I myself haven't been around too much. I took a break to get my team(s) together. Still need to work on my gym team, but to be honest I have debated resigning my position. I already decided to stick it out, but I admit I have more fun battling as a challenger. Hopefully my new gym team will give challengers a run for their money. :D
    6. LeafeonTheVoid
      Ups and downs, but lately pretty good. I'm glad to hear things on your end are better. :)
    7. LeafeonTheVoid
      Hey there! How's everything going?
    8. dragontamer44722
      trust me, you aren't keeping me from anything, I'm at work xD talk to ya later.
    9. dragontamer44722
      I dont' remember if I did or not xD I haven't starting going after badges too much just cause of my own family drama, but I will get back on the bandwagon at some point. I've also taken over the tournaments so that has kept me busy.
    10. dragontamer44722
      happy to hear things are will now. There are a few new faces who came since you left, though out of all of them saPower is the best (he was here for about 2 weeks and earned almost everyone's badges on the first try xD) Hes the bug leader now.
    11. dragontamer44722
      I have one with Stealth rocks already, I just didn't realize Defog wasn't possible this gen when I wrote I wanted it. thanks anyway. How have you been by the way? You disappeared for a while
    12. AzureCharizard
      thanks for the offer but i have one now. with bb defog and whirlwind. thanks anyway
    13. Sito
      xD, just got 1 5mins ago xD
    14. Sito
      Nothing stops the Scizor!
    15. Corbins Mix
      Corbins Mix
      yea man im sorry I was playing with my daughter im getting on now.
    16. Sito
      Are you here, Dragontamer wants to fight :D
    17. Sito
      Ok, I am back, let me know if you are here to finish up the battles we can xD
    18. Azulart
      Thank you for letting me know :) I'm glad they can shine again.
    19. Sito
      Ok, going online :D
    20. Sito
      Let me know when ready :D
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    IGN: Corbin
    FC: 2680-9260-3852
    Electric Safari (Stunfisk, Dedenne, and Luxio)