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  • Hey, I was wondering if it was okay to make a 'What team did you use against the Elite Four?' thread in Pokemon Platinum discussion? Thanks
    hi :D if you do eventually get the opportunity to respond i'd really appreciate it :) I know you from the daily updates by serebii constantly refering to you due to your contribution via spoilers/pre-release-updates. And i was wondering if the european release of platinum is the same as australia? because the site never refers to australian releases, and i think it'll help if you put in a good word to serebii for me for next time. thanks :)
    Dear all,

    For some reason my computer has problem loading the visitor messages on this forums (I only see this little bracket here and the page is basically blank below), so apologies if you've written something here and I haven't replied. It wasn't until someone informed me today that I realized I had many msgs awaiting reply here. Please send me PMs instead, thanks :)

    I want to ask you something about pokemon manga pictures, there a club for the tag partner and I don't know if posting picture of the pokemon manga is against the rules or not. Sorry if this is breaking the rules.
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