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  • Hi :) I had a question about your request in your shop, you didnt say if the pokemon were supposed to be shiny, but the text said "Shiny" dream team :p
    so anyway just wondering so I dont screw it up xD
    Haha I had a dream about a Patrat the other day. Then my alarm went off. GAH!

    I have seen many people use a shiny Ludicolo in competitive battling. I have no idea why; I want one so I can use it. How cool will it be to have a DW shiny Ludicolo to battle with? I have no idea if I'll do it right away, but I might, just for my club's Circuit. I co-own the Breeding Club and our Circuit is in it's final planning stages.
    It has Own Tempo in the DW. I got one from the DW but it was Male so I had to find another. Took 20 minutes or so but now I have a Female DW ability Lotad!
    It's from the same game as Samarecarm. It's a move in the Shin Megami Tensei games which is the most powerful Wind elemental move. c:
    Yeah, sad I didn't get to see you :< We'll have to find a time to catch up, although Soundwave was probably the best time XD

    God, stuck-up spriters annoy the hell out of me. I can't stand them. And almost all the comments they were were getting were "THESE ARE AWESOME!" when they were absolutely terrible. And then as soon as I give him crit, he rages, saying I'm "torturing" him, and someone agreed with the crit I gave him. He then told me to fix his sprite to prove my point, as if I was unable to do that. My friend did it before me because of my lack of internet, but the kid basically got a smack in the face when my point was proven.
    I should've checked this sooner! I didn't see anyone with a fedora with skulls D: You might've seen me though. I look like... Claudio Sanchez from Coheed And Cambria. In other words, I have a lot of hair. And it's curly. And it's fuzzy. So you might've seen me XD
    Hey there :) I saw in your signature that your were hunting a shiny Latios in HG, would you be interested in racing me? I, however, am hunting for a shiny Latias. I'm not far into the hunt, but I would really like some inspiration, as none of my other SR targets have had much success. What do you say? C:
    I know how you feel. My enrolment was being screwed over, and then I wasn't getting replies to emails that I needed for a while. It's finally sorted, but I'm kinda peeved at the uni. I got CRAZY hours. They're kinda weird.

    I'm getting internet next week, too :D So I'll be happy about that.

    And I am :D I'm excited too! Like crazy :D Best day to meet up XD I just can't wait to see Coheed And Cambria. It is very likely you'll see me from a mile away. All my friends that saw me at Soundwave last year spotted me easily XD
    It's a shame to see you go, but I completely understand you.
    If I didn't promise Fufu to do my best with Zabi to make things better, I would've left aswell. I only came back to the club in September last year after being in-active for over 2 years and it has changed sooo much.

    I'm afraid more and more people will leave in the next few weeks.
    If the club is falling apart, I won't be here for much longer either D:

    Ah well, there's still MSN, where we can decide who we want to talk with ^_^

    Good luck on your hunts and I'll see you around~
    Totally understand you leaving, the club has gone to **** since the beginning of last year, all because of morons who don't read/post about every SR they do.

    Heh, I feel like leaving the shiny club myself, even though I barely post there as it is. It is too full of stupid n00bs, so I'm glad I have my own forum :p.

    Will see ya around ;).
    Sorry to see you go, and I've also decided to throw in the towel (temporarily, that is). I comletely understand your reasons for leaving (which is slightly obvious, since I left, but oh well). Kind of like Ivyon, never talked to you really, but you were actually pretty legit, especially with some of those shinies you caught. I think you made the right decision, and wish you luck in your hunts!
    Hey thar. Sorry to see your leaving the club, though I can COMPLETELY see why. I've even pondered leaving myself a few times tbh. But...uh...yeah. I know we never talked but you always seemed like a cool member. Maybe you'd like to chat some time? : D
    Someone needs to start a club where you need to prove that you hunt 1/8192 shinies to join. I feel like there's a group of really dedicated Shiny hunters, like you and me and we're stuck babysitting dumb little brats who are probably going to stop hunting after like 20 SRs. So I understand your frustration.
    I would like to stay in touch :)
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