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  • Ok, well i dont think you should leave over nooby posts. I tend to ignore them, and i have been in the club since 2005, so ive been around them all for 6 years.
    It's kind of sad that you're leaving the club but a lot of members have lately and the club has been kind of frustrating for a while, hopefully things get better. Good luck shiny hunting. ^^
    Oh sweet :D Do you have good hours for uni? Excited? And aren't you lucky XD I don't have access to WiFi, so I'm not sure how I will be able to get the Raikou before it ends. I'll find a way, I'm sure.

    I'm well. I've just been trying to sort out my timetable for uni. At the moment, I come up as a part-time student, and because I failed a few things last year, I need to take them again this year. I have to have an overload of subjects this year and next if I want to finish in three years, otherwise I have to do it in four years. But I'm having clashes with the class I need to retake, as well an electives, with my core subjects. So I'm meeting a coordinator tomorrow to discuss it. Other than that, I've been good :)
    You're welcome. How have you been? This is the first real access to internet I have, and I'm at uni >.> So I've been a bit of s ghost.
    I am indeed. And I'll be sure to send it your way as well when it's done c:
    Approved your Glee club there. Might want to make it look a little more Glee-centric. People like flashy first posts after all.
    whats the matter ?

    did u wanted to say smth to me, I notice u have visited my profile
    I would have posted this on your LiveJournal, but I'm too lazy to create an account at the moment. This is in response to your rant on facebook.

    I agree with most of what you say...but I think posting a tirade on a blogging site contradicts the very point your trying to make. You use phrases like "no one cares" in your harangue...yet you've taken the time out of your day to post about it? The feelings you claim to have are incongruous with the action you've taken. :p

    That's why I personally don't get too upset over the things you mentioned...you're right in that people do seek attention via Facebook. And by the passion with which you expressed yourself in this post, I believe it's safe to say that they've caught YOUR attention, if no one else's!

    And finally, good luck with Ho-oh!

    (I also find it hard to believe that you were simply bored when you typed that up. Frankly, I like to shiny hunt when I'm bored)
    Hey, hmm regarding your request... the image that you provided is too small (in width) for a banner, do you have a bigger one?
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