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  • Hi there! I hope I'm not disturbing you and this doesn't make you too uncomfortable, but I know that you did sign up for the first After Halcyon Days RP a while back. Did you want to try the second one, or are you going to give this one a pass? Either way it's totally fine with me, I just feel pretty bad you didn't really get a chance to play last time.
    Sorry, I never meant to imply you were lying. As someone who forgets stuff in a very similar fashion (which make me great at keeping secrets), I sympathize, but it's still important to find a way (that works for you) to make sure you get it in.
    Okay, thanks for replying. I'm just really trying to make this RPG happen, and less than 3 players seems a little too low. - I know it sucks sometimes, but you mom has a point, homework is important.
    Well you delete it but, I'll tell you it doesn't matter. They can be anything, but you'll start them off with weaker skills than what they may know and they'll learn stronger one as you fight and get stronger. Since Persona more of a reflection of yourself it doesn't exactly have its usual strength. I will allow one medium powerful attack/spell but nothing stronger.
    Eeeh, I wish it was that simple!!

    Heh, that's cool. It is evening here, and I am gonna go sleep soon. lol

    I am currently watching the anime. Just started on The future arc.
    Gurl, dont ask me for what is next. I am trying to settle down with something. lol
    Oh wow, I totally forgot to respond you, sorry about that.

    Anyways, I think there's someone else in line to be in the RP, so you may have to wait. Also, I think I'm going to cap it off at 7 anyways, as it makes it a bit more manageable for me :/ I'm really sorry about that, but I'll let you know when a spot opens up.
    That's a safe choice :p It makes it easier than creating an entirely fictional world >_< When do you plan creating this RP? Does it have a name?
    Not a bad idea! So the players are playing as demons, and do they have special abilities? Also, does this take place in a fictional world?
    College-level courses in high school is something I would never attempt haha :p

    Yeah, lay it on me! I love seeing people's ideas for RPs haha
    Oh, cool! Yeah, I remember you used to have a lot of writing/homework to do haha :p

    You're in IB? o_O That's some hard stuff lol. But I'm pretty sure you find that stuff easy, I remember someone telling me that you were supersmart like a genius o_O

    What kind of RP you planning on making?

    What's up?

    Yeah, I people persuaded me to do it again, so I thought why not? Let me know if you wanna be in it again! Spots are filled, but I'll put you in as soon as there's room :p
    Well. I just assume the RP will diefIrly quickly, so I don't think much of it seen I make characters.
    I also enjoy the creation of a character more than the actual RP in itself. lol
    Thanks. I know the feel. Been pretty busy myself lately. And With this New.. Advancement, I might have to step Down from a few RP's in order to Clear some time.
    That being said, I did just sign up for a New RP.... lol
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