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Last Activity:
Jun 20, 2016
Oct 16, 2010
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Place With Many Tourists
High School Student

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Hello Kitty =/= Cat, from Place With Many Tourists

Corrosion was last seen:
Jun 20, 2016
    1. DVB
      Open for like two weeks I suppose. Why? Also, I'll make a new one if the Marvel one doesn't get any people signing up.
    2. DVB
      Happy Late birthday! We share the same birthday! Sorry I didn't know.

      (me gives a cupcake)
    3. Corrosion
      Happy birthday to myself. ._.
    4. VampirateMace
      Okay, thanks. Since June is such a ways off, I may be taking you up on that.
    5. GingerDixie
      Oh no it's fine! Sorry for replying so late, but yeah, they're accepted. Thanks for joining, man!
    6. Eon Spirit
      Eon Spirit
      Ah, right, sometimes I forget small facts like certain species being genderless. Typically when I make Pokémno characters that are genderless, I have them identify as a gender for the sake of description, so I guess that would explain my confusion...
    7. Eon Spirit
      Eon Spirit
      I noticed a heavy usage of they/their in Oro and Sender's descriptions. Is it correct to assume that they act in more of a hive mind based mentality? If not, would you mind letting me know why their descriptions are worded in such a manner, as I'm rather curious.
    8. Corrosion
      Corrupted biosk is now a possibility. If anyone is wondering, I'm posting this from my iPod.
    9. Corrosion
      Update: it also says to check the cable and something about media. What do?
    10. Corrosion
      My computer got the Blue Screen of Death. ._. It says that there is no harddrive, but I haven't even touched the inside of it. Anyone tech-savvy, feeling altruistic, and willing to help me?
    11. FennekinBlazes
      I'm FennekinBlazes, it's just as you visited my profile I said hi.
    12. FennekinBlazes
    13. Brutaka
      Fixed it :P

      I think Luka's Lie is a little better at English than that one, but I have to admit, that one is pretty good.

      I havent heard much from that series at all, but I do like Servant of Evil over Daughter of Evil, that I know.
    14. Brutaka
      I actually like Kaai for that reason :D She works so well for Calalini because of how creepy she ends up being. But not all of Kaai's end up that way though. meteor36.0 is pretty earnest.

      I cant tell a difference, lol. I can barely understand it in English. XD I dont like the mixes a lot of the time, with the exception of the Kagamines, but the IA & Miku version of Insanity was pretty decent. (spelling it that way for simplicity's sake)

      Well, I do too, but whenever I start my playlist, i start on one of those three. No, I havent, but I havent heard a lot from Lily yet. Im still looking into her. I like Elsa-Marie though. *shrug* And it's not bad. I'm fond of the Kagamines, but that wasnt my favorite from them. I like the Prisoner/Paper Plane set the best, but I like Electric Angel now and then.
    15. Brutaka
      I dunno, that sounds way higher than Calalini, but I guess thats cuz Kaai is pretty soft spoken except for when she's repeating "Calalini" in the chorus.

      Ooh, I like Circus Monster as a song. I like both Dark Miku's and Luka's versions of them, but I got Luka's cuz its originally her song.

      It does grow tiring, I have to admit. Right now, Im just bouncing between Calalini, Wave[Lily], Elsa-Maria[Mayu]
    16. Brutaka
      I just did. It calls for the Vocaloid to be brought to a pitch thats just a bit too high, even for me. Miku's is a little lower than CUL's, so I like that one better, but overall, it's still just a touch to high for me. VY2V3's version is just abit better in that regard, but Im not fond of him as a Vocaloid anyway. It sounds a like a pretty good song too :/

      IA, Kaai Yuki, and Kagamine Rin are my favorite 3 Vocaloids so far, with "A Realistic Logical Ideologist", "Calalini", and "Error" being my favorite from them respectively. Error is done by a lot of Vocaloids, but I like Rin's version the best. Teto's is pretty close though.
    17. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      I'm guessing you've stalked the VM conversations to learn how they were created? :P

      Suvaew would be pronounced as Suv-a-ew in three syllables while Norea would be Nor-e-a, three syllables as well. As for Xiav, I kind of felt it would be pronounced as "Zi-av."
    18. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Pretty much a lot like Slateport with a lighthouse, a boardwalk, and a harbor. I don't think there's a beach though.
    19. Andydemon
      If you want to know what Gateon Port is like, the best way I can describe it to you is with this.

      Sorry if it's still not much to go on, but Gateon Port really is just that, a port with a lighthouse and a couple shops. It's not it's own full blown city like say, Olivine.
    20. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Besides Gateon Port and Agate Town, Orre is mostly a desert region. I played XD (great game), so if you need help with the place, let me know.
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    Place With Many Tourists
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    My gender happens to change every so often, mostly alternating between bigender and agender, much to my annoyance. Use any pronoun but "it" to refer to me; however, if you choose to use "he" or "she", make sure to alternate between the two.

    I am on Hawai'i time (-10), which means that I am in a time zone that does not observe Daylight Savings time.

    Please do not send me random PMs, VMs, or Friend Requests.

    I am incredibly socially awkward and do not know if what I say will be offensive to someone. I will answer rhetorical questions and sarcasm goes right past me, so please don't use either one with me. My brain interprets the world very, very literally for some reason.

    Manga, anime, the maths, science, cooking, writing, drawing, grammar, and punctuation.


    3DS FC: 0018-1095-7707
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