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Last Activity:
Jun 20, 2016
Oct 16, 2010
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Place With Many Tourists
High School Student

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Hello Kitty =/= Cat, from Place With Many Tourists

Corrosion was last seen:
Jun 20, 2016
    1. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      That would be great. Gateon Port would be a pretty good asset to have in our hands. Maybe start there and work your way east. Since there are a lot of labs there, it should be good for our R&D.

      Thanks again for doing this.
    2. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Just have her flee, I think that would be good enough. And yeah, we could use a few guys in Orre to help get it under Sonne control, thanks for volunteering to do that.
    3. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      No worries, anything you can do to help is always appreciated.

      If you ever want a break from the fighting, I don't mind if head elsewhere away from all the mayhem that's going on in Sinnoh. I kind of feel like some of us should be trying to claim Orre, since right now, trying to claim anything in Sinnoh always feels like it has to come with a fight whereas with Orre, dominating the entire region would be relatively easy and quick, and not to mention with all the secret labs and such that it has, could be a good source of R&D resources.
    4. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Since Sonne actually has a one character advantage now, if you still wanted to make a character for Xiav, now would actually be an okay time.
    5. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      I think it's reasonable to say there's probably around a foot of snow. But yeah, not too smart to have Generals in sniper territory.
    6. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      There's no reason why Essa can't kill Quarren. He's on the battlefield, if Xiav wanted to keep him safe, he should be in a command center someplace safe, so yeah, they can't complain if you axe him. Getting rid of him would actually be a great idea.
    7. AJ2000
      Hey, thanks for posting. Hopefully this will get the others posting as well.
    8. Hummingbird
      I will stop the resetting if you give me your heart
    9. The boy of X
      The boy of X
      Hello there random person.
    10. AJ2000
      Not really. If you want to add something go ahead. If you want you can also choose where the destination of the elevator as well if you are having trouble writing.
    11. Schade
      *Reading Your SU.....*

      Holy.. Sh!t !!

      Teach me, master!!
    12. AJ2000
      Oh you took a plane to get to the camp? Well, as long as you had a good time. Im not a big fan of salty foods either lol, but it sucks that you are sensitive. Was this some sort Band Camp or something, or just a summer sort of camp(campfire, hiking, etc)?

      The elevator is supposed to make creaks and whatnot and Should jerk against the grooves of the ropes as its going down.
    13. AJ2000
      ...Wayjun? You changed your name too, lol?

      As for the RP, yes, you can bunny us down the Elevator(hopefully Nythe won't mind). Hopefully your post will spark the others into posting as well.

      Also, how was your Summer Camp? Do you mind if I still call you Wayjun?
    14. DVB
      Take your time but we kinda do wanna pick up the pace
    15. DVB
      Can you update Digimn please?
    16. AJ2000
      Hey, just wanted to confirm if it would be okay for me to bunny Asher while you're gone (starting from the 1st correct?). Also, what spell did you want Asher to learn, in case it comes up in the RP? Or did you just want to settle that once you're back?
    17. DVB
      Hey, you gonna update Digimon?
    18. AJ2000
      I have to make a new drawing of it. But if you want a really, really general description I would just say it's furry/hairy and has large teeth and claws(the usual).

      Sorry it's not too detailed lol. But if your wondering why I don't jut have us see the beast it's because it's mainly there just to put pressure on the groups to get out of there.

      ....Plus we do fight it later on(where we'll get to see it). But that's not until a little later(in another arc).
    19. AJ2000
      Alright I guess. Besides I think it was obvious We'd get rid of Biff eventually lol. I was just debating on how to do it. I was going to let the beast get him, but I scrapped that idea because my cousin told me it was too obvious.

      Anyways, yeah don't worry about it, only post when you got time. You should be studying lol. Speaking of which, I shouldn't even be talking seeing as I got a research paper due tomorrow...
    20. AJ2000
      What if it was with a good reason? Say in self defense or if Biff was getting...aggressive ? I don't know lol, I didn't want to spoil too much but what if Biff were to go insane?
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    Place With Many Tourists
    High School Student
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    My gender happens to change every so often, mostly alternating between bigender and agender, much to my annoyance. Use any pronoun but "it" to refer to me; however, if you choose to use "he" or "she", make sure to alternate between the two.

    I am on Hawai'i time (-10), which means that I am in a time zone that does not observe Daylight Savings time.

    Please do not send me random PMs, VMs, or Friend Requests.

    I am incredibly socially awkward and do not know if what I say will be offensive to someone. I will answer rhetorical questions and sarcasm goes right past me, so please don't use either one with me. My brain interprets the world very, very literally for some reason.

    Manga, anime, the maths, science, cooking, writing, drawing, grammar, and punctuation.


    3DS FC: 0018-1095-7707
    Friend Safari: Pancham, Mankey, and Breloom
    Accepting any except for Electric
    PM me before you add me​