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My gender happens to change every so often, mostly alternating between bigender and agender, much to my annoyance. Use any pronoun but "it" to refer to me; however, if you choose to use "he" or "she", make sure to alternate between the two.

I am on Hawai'i time (-10), which means that I am in a time zone that does not observe Daylight Savings time.

Please do not send me random PMs, VMs, or Friend Requests.

I am incredibly socially awkward and do not know if what I say will be offensive to someone. I will answer rhetorical questions and sarcasm goes right past me, so please don't use either one with me. My brain interprets the world very, very literally for some reason.

Manga, anime, the maths, science, cooking, writing, drawing, grammar, and punctuation.
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bobandbill said:
zomegax7249 said:
So now it's not enough that we beat the NPCs, now we have to steal their clothes as well? Isn't this basically mugging them?
Suddenly the aim of the Pokémon games is apparent. It isn't to catch them all, or to be the best trainer, or to learn about the values of friendship with strange monsters that can breathe fire and whatnot.

It's to beat up other people for their hats and jackets.

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