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  • A ghost or spirit ends up dropping a red string, with one end facing Qing and the other facing Diego.
    I can help ya out if you want. I have a scene in the next post planned that will be a bit shippy.
    Sounds kinda tiring. Hope it was a good day though. Also been wondering if shipping Diego with Qing would be a good idea?
    Well, I fixed it now, at least. I also think VampirateMace is returning soon.

    Vultures are creepy. lol. I'll just wait for Your post.
    Oh, I knew i'd mess up that Word. lol
    Gu has a Secret weapon? Oooooh, I hope it's cuddles!
    Hey, i just posted, and I think I might have included Gu to the point of slight bunnying. Could you read it and tell me if I need to change something?
    Wasps, eh? I enjoy cockroaches. lol. and Yeah, that might be a good tactic when all else fails. Oh, goodie! More Gu! :D
    They don't have to be active. they just need to be around somewhere. Like a hive. the Entomopathy will take care of the rest.
    Anyways, Looking foreward to more Gu. lol
    Ambrose's hypnosis Works in the way that once he got you, you're his until you break free yourself or he breaks the link himself. I was thinking more full-frontal attack With bees or something. lol
    Anyways, I don't want to blow the 'cover'. They still don't know ambrose can trnsform into freaky deaky zombie-boy. can Gu Control insects as well?
    Man.. I like Gu. lol. and the name is adorable!
    That might be a good idea. the only Counter I could come up With for this situation is to summon a big swarm or something. I planend on posting after Monster posted again. not sure if he'll let me hypnotize both his characters though.
    I like gu. For some reason, it reminds me of a friendly neighbourhood pet or something. lol
    I kept hearing that to be a good ally I needed to shut up, listen to what the people I'm trying to be an ally to have to say, and then amplify their voices. So that's what I'm trying to do.

    This is me on the debate thread. Forever and always.
    I suppose, but I'm not sure a character like that would have much to do. And you'd have to figure out how it differed from a Slayer 'monster'.
    Ah, so I see you've finally posted in August Manor! Nice! However, I do have one small comment: unless Qing can read minds, she shouldn't know about Miru's sun allergy, since he only told Daisy about it while they were in the garden.
    O__O oh... well, yeah, that should be fine. Pir8Heart never finished thon's sign-up, so we do have another slot for Golden who I told could have yours (if thon does sign-up), but thon can have Pir's instead. Feel free to post whenever you're ready.
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