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  • Open for like two weeks I suppose. Why? Also, I'll make a new one if the Marvel one doesn't get any people signing up.
    Happy Late birthday! We share the same birthday! Sorry I didn't know.

    (me gives a cupcake)
    Ah, right, sometimes I forget small facts like certain species being genderless. Typically when I make Pokémno characters that are genderless, I have them identify as a gender for the sake of description, so I guess that would explain my confusion...
    I noticed a heavy usage of they/their in Oro and Sender's descriptions. Is it correct to assume that they act in more of a hive mind based mentality? If not, would you mind letting me know why their descriptions are worded in such a manner, as I'm rather curious.
    My computer got the Blue Screen of Death. ._. It says that there is no harddrive, but I haven't even touched the inside of it. Anyone tech-savvy, feeling altruistic, and willing to help me?
    Fixed it :p

    I think Luka's Lie is a little better at English than that one, but I have to admit, that one is pretty good.

    I havent heard much from that series at all, but I do like Servant of Evil over Daughter of Evil, that I know.
    I actually like Kaai for that reason :D She works so well for Calalini because of how creepy she ends up being. But not all of Kaai's end up that way though. meteor36.0 is pretty earnest.

    I cant tell a difference, lol. I can barely understand it in English. XD I dont like the mixes a lot of the time, with the exception of the Kagamines, but the IA & Miku version of Insanity was pretty decent. (spelling it that way for simplicity's sake)

    Well, I do too, but whenever I start my playlist, i start on one of those three. No, I havent, but I havent heard a lot from Lily yet. Im still looking into her. I like Elsa-Marie though. *shrug* And it's not bad. I'm fond of the Kagamines, but that wasnt my favorite from them. I like the Prisoner/Paper Plane set the best, but I like Electric Angel now and then.
    I dunno, that sounds way higher than Calalini, but I guess thats cuz Kaai is pretty soft spoken except for when she's repeating "Calalini" in the chorus.

    Ooh, I like Circus Monster as a song. I like both Dark Miku's and Luka's versions of them, but I got Luka's cuz its originally her song.

    It does grow tiring, I have to admit. Right now, Im just bouncing between Calalini, Wave[Lily], Elsa-Maria[Mayu]
    I just did. It calls for the Vocaloid to be brought to a pitch thats just a bit too high, even for me. Miku's is a little lower than CUL's, so I like that one better, but overall, it's still just a touch to high for me. VY2V3's version is just abit better in that regard, but Im not fond of him as a Vocaloid anyway. It sounds a like a pretty good song too :/

    IA, Kaai Yuki, and Kagamine Rin are my favorite 3 Vocaloids so far, with "A Realistic Logical Ideologist", "Calalini", and "Error" being my favorite from them respectively. Error is done by a lot of Vocaloids, but I like Rin's version the best. Teto's is pretty close though.
    I'm guessing you've stalked the VM conversations to learn how they were created? :p

    Suvaew would be pronounced as Suv-a-ew in three syllables while Norea would be Nor-e-a, three syllables as well. As for Xiav, I kind of felt it would be pronounced as "Zi-av."
    Pretty much a lot like Slateport with a lighthouse, a boardwalk, and a harbor. I don't think there's a beach though.
    If you want to know what Gateon Port is like, the best way I can describe it to you is with this.

    Sorry if it's still not much to go on, but Gateon Port really is just that, a port with a lighthouse and a couple shops. It's not it's own full blown city like say, Olivine.
    Besides Gateon Port and Agate Town, Orre is mostly a desert region. I played XD (great game), so if you need help with the place, let me know.
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