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  • I know this is against Asher's nature, but what would he do if one of the characters were to kill Biff. Just a question.
    Well, you don't have to go along for the mission. You could stick around camp - I know my other character David is likely gonna stay put as well, so you'll at least have him to RP off of.
    Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that you came up with some cool characters in the RP. I look forward to seeing both of them in action!
    I imagine that she would confidentkly and boldly go to out and ight the controlled Digimon in her environment. Her impatience may also bother some of the people in her rush and she coul be quite dramatic when fighting DexDorugamon.
    Just a quick question: what happens to the host when the angel/demon possesses them?
    My guess is that the human personality gets pushed aside by the demon/Angel, but that the Demon/Angel tries mimicing the humans personality, while having personalities of their own.
    Just prepare for the day, look at the morning news and make your way to DexDorugamon. Nothing too long.
    Don't worry. I'm pretty sure we can find someone to replace Krazy, however there's no real hurry. And also, there won't be any NPCs travelling with us.

    Ghan is just one of several commanders, so after we get him, there are still a tiny bit more we need to find. I'm gonna try and not give too much info on Diaz. And the Valkyrie Legend is not what you think it is, lol, sorry to get your hopes up. It's mainly there, because as the plot develops even farther, there will be references made to the Legend as we start to see the other side of the Legend.

    And for the spells, after the Galvez Arc, I was thinking of rewarding everyone with a spell of their choice(of course within reason). Again I don't want to give away too much on how we get them, but I think it would be a good reward for the quest.
    Okay, yeah that's fine. I reckon we will probably have finished the Galvez Prison arc before you go. There is going to be a small break after the arc, so it shouldn't be any trouble while you're gone to camp, as I have a small filler-thingy planned by then.
    Hey there. I just forgot to ask when we you were going to leave for your summer camp. If you don't know the exact date that's fine and estimate would be good. Also, I just needed permission also if I could bunny Asher when needed when you leave for your camp. I know its a ways away, but I just want to be prepared lol.
    Yeah that sounds good. He'll act as a sort of 'leash' to Keres. And about Krazy...I've given him a couple of reminders. Il send him one more, but if he doesn't get the SU done by the end of week then ill open SUs again.
    I seemed to have put you and Elysian in a tight spot, lol. Sorry, I knew your guys' characters were opposites, but I had no clue it would cause this much trouble, my bad.

    Anyways, I helped Elysian with his post, so I it should be fair to give a few ideas for your post. Where we are right now, Keres just saved Asher, and although Asher goes against Keres' morals, I guess he does kind of owe him a debt. I guess asher could agree to come along Keres, since he saved his life, but tells him to keep the unnecessary violence to a minimum. Idk, I'm just spitting out ideas lol.
    I am just saying. Post having yourself reacting with thoughtds and ending up back at home. Don;t worry about it being short
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