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Recent content by Corzola

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    Enter Iris & Axew (661)

    OMG, what are the writers on? And I mean that in a good way. This ep was the most freakin´bad*** "second episode" of all time in a new series. When Ash is back he really is back, first trying to capture a Pokémon without a battle and when that dosen´t work, then he goes all in and more or less...
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    In The Shadow of Zekrom (660)

    Well, this can be concidered a great ep because it feels new. But aside from than, then we only have a good ep left. The beginning with Ash following hos mother and Prof. Oak was interesting, but are the two of them (the adults) always together? Not even Tracey was there this time! For...
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    Will ALL old characters be retconned out of existence from now on?

    Now now, lets not start a flame- war of sorts. If we look at it from another pov, what needs to be done and what could [be fun] be done: Misty, May and Dawn - indeed Misty´s goal was unfinished. She set out to become a Water Pokémon master of some sort, and when we left her she was only a...
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    Are you pleased with the redemptions?

    While I think the term "redemption" is wrong I kinda liked the apperences of older Pokémon. With so many matches it is just natural for Ash to use more Pokémon than the present regional team. That is why he becomes better for each region, he can use more Pokémon overall and he has no main squad...
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    Its like everyone forgot about Dawn/Brock already, Iris/Dento have overshadowed them

    Can it finally be, the thread we all been waiting for, teshub and cyber goes up against each other in a discussion? I like the fact that on the first page of the forum, we have one thread with the theme that Dawn & Brock are forgetable (not true, but they are of course shadowed by B/W that...
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    Will ALL old characters be retconned out of existence from now on?

    I agree with most of what pokemon fan 132 said, so no need to repeat that. Other than that, of course the old characters are going to re-appear. In Sinnoh/DP they brought back Johto characters Jimmy, Jackson and Marina and the Kimono girls (albeit to promote HGSS), that means that they all...
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    Its likely for the best that Misty and Dawn didn't meet

    I think the interesting thing is about what the characters can do with each other when they are not putrv together by Ash. Misty and Dawn would probably be two characters that have least in common. Dawn never had any sibblings, Misty three, Misty is a Gym- Leader and Dawn a Coordinator so...
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    Pikachu in Issuh

    Well, had the series stuck to the game rules Pikachu should be at level 100 since, well early - mid Hoenn BUT since they dropped that rule Pokémon clearly are just as good at what they do as any real professional sports player. Actually, Pikachu was not all that reset as we might think. In...
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    Was Ash's Torterra handeled poorly because of Paul's?

    First: no, Paul´s Torterra had nothing to do with Ash´Torterras lack of victories. Infernape in itself had nothing to do with it, but he was de facto the choice at the writing- table when it came to focus on one of Ash Sinnoh- Pokémon. This question can be answered in two ways, first the...
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    Memories Are Made Of Bliss! (659)

    Croagunk was there, in the beginning Poison Jabbing Brock when he dreamed of a girl. :D Poor guy. :) I guess Croagunk really are strict, when his own master can´t even dreaming of a girl without being hit by Poison jab. Regarding if they thought about an E4 arc, no I don´t think so. They...
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    Anyone else think the BW trio will have a better dynamic than the DP trio?

    Of course Ash and Brock got along the best, they were friends and travelled together even after Ash didn´t need a mentor anymore. But I do think that May and Brock got along well, because when Ash and Max was on a burger run or something the other two clearly enjoyed each others company. The...
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    Memories Are Made Of Bliss! (659)

    OMG, that really was an emotionel ending! This episode easily ranks up there with the best Pokémon episodes apart from the league- battle eps from various leagues. This ep will surley be a classic Pokémon "season finale". The part when we saw them at Dawn´s house was great, because we saw...
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    Does Ash's Hoenn pokemon deserve to come back in Pokemon Black and White?

    There is two ways of answering this question, a) no they don´t need to be put back for reasons that they are strong or has original type- capabilities because Ash can always capture any new Pokémon b) Ash does not pick out teams in advance for a regular journey, if he wanted this one or...
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    Continue watching or taking a break from the series?

    I picked pre- AG fan and will continue to watch BW. I first saw Pokémon from day one in Kanto way back in the late 90´s and actually watched up until mid- AG, then took a short break, during the mid- Hoenn quest, and then watched late Hoenn and Kanto BF. DP I started to follow, took a short...
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    Your Definition of a Filler Episode

    I would probably define fillers as the most, an episopde that I can miss and still have a clue about the present events in the show. But I also think that there are some twilight cases, such as when they give some semi-important news, news that don´t have to mean a major change in the series...