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Cosmic Fury
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  • Hey how's it going
    Cosmic Fury
    Cosmic Fury
    Doing fine! I'm in Rice U right now, doing my second master degree. Been busy, but going well. Yourself?
    Hey! Ever on anymore?
    Cosmic Fury
    Cosmic Fury
    Not really. I'm on once in a blue moon these days. It's just that I've been extremely busy with life. How about yourself?
    Hello Cosmic Fury, long time no talk!
    I finally made a reply to your request in my thread, please have a look!
    Thank you! :3
    Oh, I was referring to what I received in exchange from you. I believe it was that serial code for a Dream World Chimchar, correct?

    And if memory serves, did the Jirachi have several other "special'" moves that you requested besides Body Slam?
    By the way- just out of curiosity, through which trade or exchange did we initially become acquainted? I'm very sorry, but I've been racking my brain trying to figure it out. :) Was it a Dream World Chimchar serial code? Or something else?
    There was a mix up, they never had a 2015 one, they have the shiny 2014 ones that we have, I can't find anyone with it
    Like I said, unfortunately I have all of those since I generally get all the US events :/
    Hm is it UT? Honestly I have my own from the demo I had so it doesn't really interest me much
    Hm Adamant is nice, but unfortunately without a perfect Atk IV it kinda makes it not worth it for me since I have a few already. I'll have to pass :/
    Are any on your list good competitively? Unfortunately you have all the events I obtained myself :/
    I can't but I have a cloner, been good friends with him on here for 2+ years and hes a trader to, I will see if I can have him clone it right after I trade for thd jirachi and after I trade for the diancie
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