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Cosmic Fury
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  • I can't but I have a cloner, been good friends with him on here for 2+ years and hes a trader to, I will see if I can have him clone it right after I trade for thd jirachi and after I trade for the diancie
    That's definitely a good Diancie! Congratulations on getting it. I tried to soft-reset a competitive Hope Diancie as well, and ended up coming across a Brave one with 0 IVs in Speed, 4 perfect IVs, and one "not perfect" IV. I didn't think I'd get that lucky again, so I saved the game after that! The combination of a good nature + a fortuitous 0 IV + a decent IV spread convinced me it was the "right" Pokemon to hold onto.
    I'm unfamiliar with that event so I would need more details. Again, the things I specifically list are what I would definitely consider, but I'm always open to making deals
    The best of luck to you with your project! I hope you have fun with it when you're all done. :) I have a large collection of IV-bred Pokemon that I keep meaning to train, but I've put that on the back burner for the longest time because I've always liked the collecting aspect of Pokemon more than the battling one.
    I'm very sorry, but I do not. Japanese Pokemon have been exceptionally difficult for me to obtain in Generation 6, in large part because of the relative lack of users here who have some kind of access to them. It also doesn't help that the U.S. has not really been granted any worthwhile events which can be used as equivalent trading material...

    As the best recompense I can offer, I would be happy to forward to you the name of someone who I'm sure has at least one (and perhaps more). Would that work?
    Hey, are you the one that wanted a HP Grass Rotom before? I think I remember you. If not, then my bad man. Glad to see you're challenging the PokeGyms. It's a fun league and all the leaders are pretty good. I'm an ex leader but still battle there for fun. Anyways, take it easy dude. :)
    Heyo Cosmic. Doing guild cleanup, seeing who's active. Message me back if you're still activate and want to stay in the guild.
    Indeed, I know this is cliche but I await your return from sea.

    Along with that we also do have a good knack at recruiting new people or just getting people on board even if they are luke warm. We can use this to our advantage by at least having some people that can go out and collect resources for us that we can build and sell.

    Have a good time and message when you are back!
    I assume that is true, it would be hard to build this on the ground considering our lack of man power and whatnot. And college starts next week for me so I don't even know what my time commitment could be.

    I guess we should at best just keep this an option to consider but very unlikely to come into fruition. I wonder how hard it would be to pull together enough forces to start us out as a formidable faction. Maybe if we even wanted to go this route we would have to work our ways up in the already existing powers that be on that server.
    Just wondering, I been playing again and I joined this really cool server. It kind of reminds me of the social group politics but more realistic. Its a cool server because it has operating governments and feels like everything we could have wanted social groups to be.
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