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Cosmic Fury
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  • K thx vm me when you're done some people (I'll reserve you for this hate pokecheck cloning) btw I asked my dad today to downloading software I failed :(
    Its your flawless movie 11 victini for my shiny naive flawless chimchar and shiny bold flawless squirtle. My internet is currently down now. Need to wait till its fixed.
    Shiny Flawless Modest Larvesta w/Morning Sun (custom-RNG'd + custom-NN'd, NFT), Shiny Flawless Jolly Archen these are the 2 i like the event golurk only comes in one nature right
    Hey u still didn't reply.. :( I still wants your shiny rotom and when can u trade for my shiny evee for ur shiny mukip?
    Umm, hi....
    U may not remember this, but u posted in my trade shop thread saying that you can help Ev train.....well i misinterperted what you said. I thought you were just advertising a shop, but now, since i was looking back at my trade shop, i just realized that you were offering to help my shop. If your confused, visit my shop again called "@MiGo's shop of trade and training". If i mixed anything up pertaining to what you meant than please tell me, because i would be interested in collaboriting with your services
    Well, let's see...
    My Absol is Calm, lv82, most probably UT.
    Solrock is Modest, but it's touched =/
    Vulpix is Rash, lv47, most probably UT.
    Scizor is Timid, Lv100 as well.
    And Rayquaza is Mild! Lv50, UT as well.

    And I don't really know the EV spread of Umbreon (nor Scizor). I got him this way =/ The OT is 'Mat'.
    Does that mean it is hacked? =o
    Wow, 60... Well, I want all of them! (Ok, I won't be able to get ALL of them, but still xD)
    So, here's what I have to offer:
    Basically all of the Legend/Guard from Gen I, II and V.
    Shinies: Flawless Eevee (lv1, Careful), Lv100 Umbreon (Flawless as well), Absol, Solrock, Vulpix, Scizor and Rayquaza.
    And oh, a Japanese Ditto ._.

    Any deals? =~
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