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Cosmic Fury
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  • I don't know let me think about that ok I'll probably have to pass on breedables due to little room on my games but I'll most likely just give u a free clone of it if that works
    Hey r u still in that original aegis slash event from the vgc 2014
    Well, I don't see any reason why I couldn't make an exception. I know it's early, but do you have any idea of approximately how long you would be gone?
    did you change your mind lol I think i can do that i have it saved for your userbar for the psd file
    also you want to open now i added the detail in your playing x version as well as i need your gmt timezone please and thanks
    alright just give me your ign for x and y for now and ill add you as x and y battle only for now until team is up for oras and then if you seriously need a apprrentice let me know from there and let your challengers know not to use any new megas and etc until your ready. how about that?
    the only problem is making sure you able to battle but i thought about it I could put x and y battle on your battle status for now until you get your game together and for the apprentice ship the person is not gunna replace you or anything they just will be there to help you until you are ready to battle again by yourself. I know the trinity league has a limit on the apprentice I need to set a more rule about it tbh so if you don't need one that is fine. I just wanted to make sure everyone has there chance to getting there badges which speaking I still haven't heard from gray in a very long while.
    hmm alright well this may be a problem if a person has a new mega it doesn't show up in battle in x and y as well as the new moves :/ how long do you think it will be until you get oras? Most of everyone besides saph have the game and are ready. I know your a busy guy so i was not sure when to open you up know that I know you don't have the game do you need a apprentice for now until you get your game I could put a apprentice application up for you if you want me too so people can get there badges.
    hey cosmic the league is coming up very soon hope your ready for it as well as I need your IGN please for your oras game
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