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  • Yeah probably, I'm probably going to keep my keldeo, meloetta, and genesect on one game, shinies on another, and also reset on my white 2 to trade over genesect to but yeah that's what I'm gonna do, I have also updated my shop and moved a lot around
    Help trading with what? Pokemon from BW1 to BW2 you need to reach a certain point in the game before you can trade between the 2 I'm gonna restart my white 2 game dozens of times to get A LOT of genesect, wonder when meloetta will FINALLY be announced in S***** America
    Yes, I am I preordered both, and from what I was told the place I pre ordered it at May have a 'competition' to see who can buy the first game, may be the night before which would be awesome : D
    Well, that sucks. I like it here, just the climate is unbearable. What city did you live in?
    Okay, well definitely not right now, haha, as I have barely any pokes in gen. five. I've mainly been collecting/playing fourth gen.
    i can't really put a specific time on it because i don't know how long our friends are staying.
    sorry... we have family friends over and they are staying through dinner. maybe a little later
    btw i have a double battle team now! so if you are up for one of those (if your team works with it) then we can do one of those too! plus, since the last time i battled i finished another triple team! i gotta get a life! i have one . i could not be typing now if i did not! lol! i do kind of have one. i was hugged by a girl today! that is a start!
    not today. i am really tired and to lazy to get ready X). over the next couple days ill battle you i promise.
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