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  • I will hold ya to that seriously XD. Sorry for the late reply. I moved in to my dorm a few days ago and have so busy!
    Nah, so I can't play the games anyway. I never had one either. So I guess 358/2 and Dream Drop Distance are the only ones I can play at this point. Sorry I missed our battle. I was out all day at the doctor's office. I got 5 shots and have to go back next month for two more.
    sorry i am about to do a double battle with someone else. ill be on around this time tomorrow if you are on we can battle
    The reason why I read the Manga was because I hadn't played any of the games. I wanted too, but I'm the type of person that if it's a game like KH where the story line flows, I can't really play the newest game or start in the middle until I played or know what happens in the first one. It's the same with movies, books and t.v shows.
    Alright let's try Monday at 4:00pm since I have a farewell party tomorrow. I haven't played a single Kingdom Hearts Game, but I read the Manga so I have a small grasp on the situation. I feel bad about buying the game because it's not like Pokemon where ya can buy anyone of them because the story lines aren't connected like Black/White with Black 2/White 2. In kingdom hearts the games are connected with each other and they have Final Fantasy characters which I've never played either.
    Dude I want Dream Drop Distance! It is awesome?! If ya wanna battle now while we're both here let's do it.
    Yeah, I'm sorry. I've just been so busy with stuff lately and I haven't played my Black in like a week and a few days. I want to play it, but when I turn it on it's just like bleh, I'm tired of losing or the game gets me frustrated and then I put in Pokemon Conquest XD. Let's try tomorrow.
    well, more like back in April, cuz that was when I bought BBS. I played the original game in July and Re:CoM and 358/2 Days this week and last week. I've been jetting through them, but I have to stop cuz school's about to start.
    maybe we can have a battle some other time. i haven't had a heated battle like that for a while. most of them are too hard or too easy.
    great battle! i was worried at the end because my politoads only attacking attack was hydro pump and i think that lapras has water absorb. i just got lucky that at the end you hit yourself in the confusion.
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