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  • Thanks mate! I've been so lucky lately I need a long hunt lol :p I hope the luck gravitates to ya when you hunt :) I still can't I got Piplup honestly, so fast and fricking female :O *hugs Waterblast* <3
    Welcome back! I was the same, apart from a few MM's and trying my hand at SOS at Sun I took a good two year break from hunting! Good to hear from ya, and thanks for the friend request! I am very well, still with my awesome bf (four years soon <3) back at college and I had an amazing weekend, check the general shiny thread for the details if ya want haha :)
    Hey Chris, are you able to provide me with a box of Scatterbug eggs if possible? I'm planning a Scatterbug MM that requires me to get Scatterbug that evolve into other Vivillon patterns than my own to make it more interesting.
    Hey thanks for wishing me good luck, and congrats on the gligar! Hope your platinum starts giving you your targets a bit more, I know that must be frustrating.
    Oh, repel trick is a nice idea! Imma take my chances for this phase though since I feel I have a pretty good chance to get shiny Steelix or at least an Onix.
    Yeah I'm gonna train up this Magneton to the point where it can outspeed and knock out the Lucario. Level grinding is annoying in these games which is why I was kinda avoiding doing this but it'll be worth it. Although, I'll still have to waste a turn to switch out to Golduck if I get a shiny Graveler so its still risky but over leveling Magneton definitely makes things easier against the other shinies I might get.
    Thanks man! It feels so awkward getting this lucky since my luck has been pretty dry before this. I feel like a 20k+ hunt is coming to balance everything out lol
    Congrats on you Nosepass and Raticate - what a great day shiny wise! Shame you didn't get that Lairon, I hope that whenever you head back to that area that your hunt is a little kinder and not a huge 36k beast :p
    Thank you! It's especially annoying on my W2, I kind of want to play the game and see Gen 5 sparkles for the first time :x I hope you get a shiny soon on your B2 - cave encounters always seem so slow to me, so good luck!
    Cp!!! Remember me? Hey, that rhymes! :p

    I hope you're going well. What does seem to be going well is your bundle of shiny Pokémon that you've collected since I've last been here! I've read every one and your posts are always fun to read, so I just wanted to say congrats majorly!
    That's nice of you, thanks for including me! You've been getting a lot of cool shinies while I've been off the thread. And yeah, maybe Yamask was waitng for me to accept it before it appeared, who knows? I'm excited to get to Mistralton Cave soon; I want a Woobat or Aron, but I'm going to try Sandile for a liiittle longer! When I started my BQ I wanted to just use the shinies I get first for each badge, but I've worked too hard to give up on Sandile just yet!
    Thank you! I was in disbelief that I was able to get it so fast after restarting the hunt. I really like the gen 4 fossil's shinies too - the colours really pop and are a great improvement on the originals, so I'll probably end up battling through the fossil guy's dialogue again to get Shieldon at some point!
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