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  • Hey, I haven't been on the Shiny Thread in a few months, though I posted finally yesterday! Hoping to be there more reguarly. Anyways, I'm reading from page 1000 up to currently and noticed you left my name in your little good luck message in all your posts and I just wanted to thank you because I could really use the good luck and motivation with Relic Castle haha. Good luck to all your endeavors too!
    Thank you! You on your Scyther/Scizor too - I'm sad I missed that one!
    Hey :)

    Just wanted to pass by and congratulate you on the wondrous shiny Dialga you recently caught! It has actually made me want to press on and hunt the creation trio in Platinum too. Right now I am in front of Dialga in said game, and am about to start SRing it. I'll be Master Balling this one though - I just was desperate to begin hunting for a legendary!

    Good luck on your endeavours in completing the trio (you still need Palkia, right?)!
    And i never ever posted in the Shiny Pokemon thread (because i'm not blessed enough to get a shiny pokemon since i started post here :p) maybe newbie thread

    edit: I just check my newbie thread and you never posted in it you it couldn't of been that
    I haven't been hunting a lot lately (i've been kind of wrapped up in other games like the new dragon age :3) I'm at a couple hundred srs for latias in omega ruby and I'm also trying to progress through soulsilver so i can eventually hunt for all the legendaries that are unavailable as shinies in the later gens.
    Heya, Cp! I have been reading through the thread and I just had to post this to let you know that I am really happy that you finally found that Scyther! Congratulations! She looks amazing and you can finally move on! Also, how funny that she appeared so quickly into your session. I guess that's always the way, though!

    Anyway, good luck with Dialga. You get him soon. And don't worry if you think you'll miss it. When I hunted it recently I was really surprised by how different the shiny was. Sometimes you look at youtube for inspiration, but it's still hard to gauge what the shiny will actually look like scrolling across your screen. Dialga stood out so much, what with it's greenish colour and the gold/bronze chestplate.

    Also, how have you been lately otherwise?
    congrats on scyther it's so great you finally got her after so many phases! Hopefully dialga proves to be less difficult for you :3
    Thanks for the congrats and all the luck you wished me throughout the hunt. With regards to Ilex I think my game owes me something quick after that monstrosity. Good luck with your hunts, especially Scyther and Heracross :)
    Hey Cpchris! How are you doing ? :D

    I was wondering something... I saw on the Shiny Thread that you were hunting for a Chimchar on Platinum and the Johto starters on Heart Gold ? I didn't know! How long has it been since you started ? o:
    I thought you weren't finished with your Badge Quest and I don't recall you buying another copy of Heart Gold, sooo... did I miss something ? :D
    Nah, I don't like to buy twice the same game (let's be honest here, the two versions are always practically the same). Not even a handful of Pokémon for 45-50$ ? No sir thank you! I have other priorities! :3 I can live without a shiny or two. Plus, I can wait. Didn't we wait for Zekrom and Reshiram to be shinies ? It can be redone!

    Fourth gen, ah yes. <3 Nobody can say that the fourth gen's shinies weren't looking good. They are so... awesome and bright in the fourth gen! And the sparkles...
    Zekrom is kinda cool too, as a shiny. By the way, the way you wrote the answer makes me believe you don't have ORAS... Do you even have a sixth gen game ? o:
    Ahw, don't tell me! I wish I had Omega Ruby sometimes; Ho-Oh and Reshiram in that version I don't have ? Come on! D:
    ... I guess I can live without Reshiram. Seems like being used to see Reshiram locked made me realize that it wasn't so bad that I couldn't get it. But Ho-Oh is a must. A dream I have to fulfill. I saved it just for that on my HeartGold game when I restarted it before ORAS, eheh. >:) It's coming right after Buneary!

    If you had to hunt a legendary in ORAS, which one would it be ? All those rare Pokémon being available in numbers in one game is just... exciting! :D

    Just finished watching my movie... Still fruitless! Not that I expected Cresselia to shine during the movie... I guess I should go start my physics and chemistry exercises.
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