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  • Well ever since ORAS was announced I kinda lost the shiny hunting motivation until just recently...

    I decided to hunt Cresselia in Alpha Sapphire! Hunt going strong, hoping to get something good soon, especially for what I'm going through at the moment... I'm so pumped about this! I have a good feeling for today! Gonna go watch a movie in hope at least 2 hours of hunting will be a nice step into that hunt.

    Can't wait to also get into Christmas vacations. 2 weeks to go! :D
    Cp! It's been a while, hasn't it ?

    Thanks for the kind words. It's nice to see people back you up when you're down! The Shiny Community is so awesome. <3
    But I'd prefer not make this last longer. I don't want it to be more painful.

    So how have you been !? And how many shinies did you get since we last spoke ? :3 I'm rather curious!
    Thanks Chris :) I appreciate your support throughout that hunt :)

    Next hunt will be Groudon, although I have 10 days to get through Kanto and get it lol
    yeah i had thought the same thing, shame really, as it would've been nice to even be able to transfer one of the starters over, to play through with 2 starters
    Heya, i saw your post the other day stating;

    "I already had one, but I figured I’d make another since I have 3 3DSes and could get each of the starters with their exclusive moves (though I’ll probably never use them anyways…)."

    Just a fwiw, you get all 3 starters in the demo anyway, with their elemental hyper beams. Not that it helps any of course, as they're non-transferable to OR/AS anyway. It just seemed from the way it was phrased that maybe you thought they could be transferred? If not then my misinterpretation. :)
    Haha, thanks, Cp! It took me a day and a bit of on and off writing to finish that post... That will teach me for not being up to date, huh?

    I just posted again, so your question might be answered. :p
    Thank you! Things are slowly getting better, I'm seeing friends and thinking of the good times we had, but things probably won't be the same again, at least for now.
    Just saw your hunting Chimmy too haha hopefully it likes you better than me! :p I can show ya pics of my Snivy too if you'd like? Best of luck mate~
    Yeah, Eterna Forest ended with a shiny Budew once again >.< I've gone and found the Platinum so I can resume hunting in the darn forest. At least it wasn't another Hoothoot I suppose.

    Spinarak is now at 910 REs, and I'm hoping it is a quick hunt. I just need a shiny on HG to spur me on, I need better places to hunt in. BQing HGSS is hard because I can't stick to a hunt that well.
    My stubborn streak kicked in XD;;; That shiny was not going to get away from me. Neither will corsola, once that blue Regice is mine ^_^
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