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Crash & Charm

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  • Sadly, my day could have been better. Long story short, my parents got insanely mad at me for no reason and locked me in my room for hours while I had plans and I didn't even show up because I was in my room. (THEY TOOK ALL MY ELECTRONICS BUT I FOUND MY LAPTOP SO I COULD EXPLAIN TO ONE PERSON) At least, I got to leave the house on my actual birthday. (which was the day after i was in my room) I got to go to a little Super Bowl get together with some of my brother's friends. I will probably never forgive. Oh well... Oh! and I'm 14 now.
    Yeah, sometimes I do stuff like that but if it's not really obvious I need to change it sometimes I get confused and leave it. So I normally type in [NAME] or [PLACEHOLDER] or something, ahahaha.
    Yeah like often I'll have to be like "[NAME] is a spicy yet cool great person who loves to dance. [NAME] enjoys long walks on the beach and theories about the moon landing." and it's so awkward writing it ahahaha.
    Heh, it depends with me, sometimes I have a name first and I want to make a character to match, but sometimes I make a character and then I need to find a name. Rajika was like that, she was actually unnamed for a very long time LOL.
    Same! Names are really important, although that kinda makes it tempting to give all of your characters names w/ meanings that really obviously point to their personality LOL.
    Yeah, I think I saw that yesterday, and congratulations!
    I would join in, but sadly, I know nothing about Conquest.
    I like what you have so far, only trouble I have is that I'll probably need to shorten up my descriptions a bit XD I may have gone overboard with at least 2-3 paragraphs of description for each region and you using 1 paragraph. Let's see if I can condense mine a bit so it isn't so mind numbingly long :p
    alright, I'll start working on the descriptions on the regions not finished yet, I might also tweak the layouts of the said regions so it's different from how the game had it. Like how the ice region would be more like a frozen forest layout with limited visibility and any pokemon that isn't fire or ice would have reduced speed and/or very slow health loss without having some sort of heat source nearby. Just a thought on the Nixtorm region. Do tell me if you like that idea for it or not.
    Sorry about not responding sooner, had things to do and didn't check. I like how you split the regions up, perhaps one of the small islands or chain of islands could become the fairy region and since they're spaced out far enough, I'd say to travel between each of the island chains that make them up, we could have various transportations that get to the islands. Like boats or large hang gliders (of course this means that the pokemon had to be light enough to ride one or small enough to fit on a boat.) I'll leave it up to you how you want to form the fairy nation, if we add it in. Iprobably need to ask which descriptions you've already done so we don't end up making descriptions for the same place.
    Awesome! Nothing better than having an extra day to unwind, relax, and rot some brainz with video games, haha.
    Them timezones...
    Yeah, we should really battle again sometime soon. Last time we did the standard OU, right? Would definitely be RU next time.
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