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  • Hi there, Crash! Major congrats on shiny Fennekin! It looks very pretty!

    Enjoying 6th gen? I think it looks so good, the Pokémon just have so much personality.

    So, I'm guessing you never changed IDs or anything like that? I don't know why, but I always feel superstitious about this stuff. I'm SRing for Chespin at the moment.

    Good luck with your future hunts!
    Yeah, I bet it was a shock! So, you were just running back and forth for a while and it appeared, huh? Did you freak out immediately? Have you just been running back and forth with the D-Pad?

    Well, if it's any consolation, it was the first shiny Pancham *I* saw. :p

    And thank you. I'm really stumped, though. Having a very hard time trying to decide whether to hunt for this shiny Chespin or not. I've actually SRed for a few hours, then gave up and played through past the first gym, then I reset again. I know, it sounds absolutely crazy!
    Heya, Crash! How are you?

    Amazing pictures there! Thank you for sharing them, it's great to see that. Congratulations! What a feeling that must be. I do believe it must be the first shiny Pancham in the world ... or very close to! Let's just say it is!

    Are you going to post his evo?

    How are you enjoying the game???
    Congrats on the shiny pancham and ducklett! I haven't seen a shiny pancham around yet so that really might be the first shiny pancham.
    Congrats on Krabby! I might not be on for a while, my mum split water on my laptop and I've been trying to fix it, otherwise I'll just have to share time on this computer.
    Awww thanks Crash! I would wish you luck too.. but given all the shinies you have been getting you don't really need it.. LOL
    Congrats nonetheless, I'm glad that you are on a shiny streak :)
    Thanks for the quick response, crashandcortex! I have wanted a shiny Latias for quite a while, so I think I'll take your advice. (Besides, it's not even guaranteed that I'd be able to get a shiny starter before the month is out. XD) Thanks again, and good luck on your hunts as well!
    Thanks for the grats! Also really pleased with the IVs! Told you you should have been on chat... Will start Regigigas in about one hour from now, after new Family Guy...
    And this last one is the one that haunts me the most, because I can never really be sure, and it was such a stupid thing to do.

    I was hunting in the desert on Platinum. You know the place where Beldum swarm? Anyway, mum, or another family member, I think, started talking to me, so I turned the sound down. I got into a RE and looked down to see a Rhydon scrolling across the screen, but only looked for a split second. I think went, "Not shiny." And then proceeded to tap on run on the bottom screen. I looked back at the screen and thought, "Why does that look all washed out? It looks odd." It was enough of a feeling to look up the sprites on Serebii, and when I did I felt this horrible feeling. Whether it was shiny or not, I don't know, but I had made a real mistake. I thought that Rhydon had the same sort of colouration as Rhyhorn! It seriously was enough to make me question whether I had ran from a shiny, and I never have the music completely turned off again. I hate that feeling. I guess it gives me an excuse to find a shiny one whether I found one or not, but I just hate not knowing if it ever was or not. And I felt stupid for not paying enough attention. I could have looked at the screen just a little bit longer until it stopped moving across and I would have see whether it was or not. Or maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me. I'm looking now, and the normal one has two distinct colours. The shiny is basically the same colour all over. It's hard to really know. I think the time has come to actually get one and I can rest a little easier, I think.

    All this angst over a Rhydon!
    The next is probably the least interesting, but my second SR target was Treecko. It took a while for anything to shine. I was lying on the ground one day and got the shock of my short shiny hunting career when the Poochyena that scrolled across the screen was golden and sparkled. It looked so beautiful. Was I angry that it shone, though? Not at all! Because, for some odd reason, I had this idea that I SRed or hunted for shinies wrong. My Charmander took months of heavy SRing to actually appear, and I thought there was something I wasn't doing right. So to actually see a shiny appear was confirmation that it could happen.
    Funnily enough, the Treecko appeared a short time after. I can't recall if it was that night or within a few days. This was on my Sapphire, by the way.
    How did you lose those shinies? I know you've probably mentioned before in one thread or another, but I can't remember.

    I have three. Two of which aren't really that exciting.

    Here we go!

    This one is kind of fuzzy, but for some reason it came back to me all these years later. A couple of years ago I had this thought that I ran into a shiny back in Gold and Silver and I didn't even realise I had at the time. Basically I hadn't even met the Red Gyarados yet, and so I had no idea that shiny Pokémon even existed. Being young, as a lot of us were, I ran into this Sunkern in National Park. This weird flash happened. I didn't actually have a Sunkern, so I caught it, even though I had no idea what I'd even witnessed. I promptly left it in the box and never touched it again due to not really having any interest in a Sunkern or Sunflora! Even now I'm recalling seeing the weird mark on the status screen, and even thinking the Pokémon might have had an item. For years I even forgot the encounter even happened, and I can't even recall why it suddenly came back to me, but the more I think about it the more I know it really happened. Pity there wasn't an NPC in those days that explained what a shiny Pokémon was ... and let's face it, Sunkern's shiny colouration is pretty much the same, especially in an old gen, so it's not as if it was a bright blue with red eyes or something.
    Thanks once again! You're right. I guess I need a little more faith in myself.

    As for the shiny, she is wonderful. I can give you hints about who she is, too. Other people have guessed due to my description of her. She's butch, muscular, has massive arms, a big nose, and likes to carry things. Her name is Pummelle, and I don't think any amount of props from musicals are going to help her look any more pretty than she already is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all! ;) I will not be evolving her, because ... well, she would look even worse!

    That doesn't mean I don't like her any less, though. I just find it pretty funny!

    And thanks once again. I hope something shines soon, too. I am aware that people have mega long hunts all the time, and longer than mine, but it is just beginning to get to a point where it's frustrating rather than being unlucky, you know? Like, I feel worn out in a way. Not from shiny hunting in general, but just this hunt. I'd be all for hunting there again in the future, that's if my target doesn't shine, but this is just ridiculous at this point. However, no amount of whining will make it appear any quicker. I just hope it happens soon.'

    I will be back to respond to the rest of your post in a moment!
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