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  • Oh, it's down right now? I haven't been on today, lol, but yeah, with the new cards, my Quasar Crush deck will be soooo much better, bordering broken as E-Dragon, lol
    Yeah right, very soon. Took another 6 months before I got a DN XD Anyway, dunno why I didn't make a FR sooner, lol
    Well, I actually don't have a DN (but I will very soon), but I was wondering if you'd be interested in a duel over voice chat on B/W or B/W2?
    No problem glad to help...I didn't use that stupid starter deck...I just used the wind structure deck that i unlocked in the game and started slowly building it up...my boyfriend cheated on the cards too...Im the only one that doesn't cheat...anyway got to get to bed got to work tommorow have fun with the online dueling : 3
    Yes I do play online but not at the moment due to im trying to make my decks in the game...you go into the communication menu and then the last tab says view/Enter Friend code...right above that its says your friend code...that is your friend code...hope that helps you out : 3
    I run harpies with mist valley support it works really well two...i like to run two icrus attacks and two swallow nest with the effect of harpie hunting ground its a very nice combination for harpie decks : 3
    I run a life point gaining fairy deck that revolves around ancient sacred wyvern and Agent of Saturn...its a fairy deck that is my own...it has krystia,Athena, Avenging Knight Parsath, theres a effect veiler in there, a hearld of orange light, and support trap and magics like vahalla, and solemn warning,mirror force and others. My deck is mostly everything combined...i find counter fairies to slow, because it evolves around The sanctuary in the skies....that the only deck doesn't need the field card that much to wins besides plants of course...my harpies and spellcaster really need the field cards though...
    Exactly! Same here, the good decks all need Field Spells. Gravekeeper for me, Heroes usually use Fusion Gate, etc. And I'm at the part with the Turbo Dueling now, so I'm just quitting the story and planning online.
    I know how you feel i hate turbo dueling too...it drives me nuts because of all the limited speed spells you can use...most of my decks need a field card to be at its prime...i can still beat them but only because i get good hands...solemn warnings, mirror force, and other prime cards to counter all this silly traps and spells...
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