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  • Seems like that's what most people say, but it's a good excuse. Yeah, I'm good. Have you got one of the Black/White version 2 games yet? I'm getting Black 2 for Christmas, but I'm annoyed that I forgot to get Keldeo and Genesect.
    ;-; I swear you only wrote me two days ago how that becomes 6 I have no idea.

    I see, my parents they aren't really too strict with me, but I'm just kind of a relaxed person most of time, unless I'm scared of something XD. Haha really? I see many people that are that age too, but there's a few on here who are 10-12. It surprises me really, but I guess it doesn't surprise me as how so many people like technology now. XDDD LOL yeah my friend STILL does that in her game I believe. ~.~ My other friend does that too...gosh...my friends are such newbs. LOL I used legends when I was younger. xD OMG I remember catching Entei in LeafGreen <3 I loved him so much. It was funny because I ws just on Route 1 looking for a Pidgey and I found Entei. xD I was so happy...then he ran. D= I remember when I finally caught him. XD

    Yeah that's the same with me. Though, I do know sometimes it takes me a bit to open to people who I don't find many similarities a bit. XD; Though who I'm close with and around I'm almost a different person. I'm not as reserved as I normally am when I'm with my close friends. :p LOL that's hilarious. Not quite like that. XDDD Haha I see. I still quite am. Maybe not *as* much, mostly because I've learned so much about them the wonder is leaving a bit. I want to find out something I don't know. XDD So like..omg what was it called. That weird cat-like thing that eats lemurs was so win (even though lemurs are my favorite animals)...like I've never heard of it. XDD Hehe same here. I think I'm finally getting Nat Geo again...

    LOL Ok brownies then. :p Sure! I will. ^^ Given by how dogs eat people food on a daily basis, and dead june bugs in my backyard, I could very well see them being scavengers. XDDD Lol same here!~ Haha no her name's Jenna. :p But she kind of looks like Vulpix (she has fox like features with red brown and white fur and she has black tips on her ears. XD)
    OMG I completely forgot to reply. I'm sorry. :<
    LOL...thankfully she was ok. xD OMG Ikr? I was so upset, I started crying. Generally if I start to cry when my parents find out they won't get mad. That wouldn't work for you I bet. :p Yeah I KNOW. I don't know what was up with my friends. In 7th grade it was "cool" to make fun of Pokemon. >.> Now when I see 12 year olds on here I think they are young. XDDD Omg I remember in FireRed I always caught cute Pokemon...except my starter. YUP only training your starter is a newb mistake xD I used to do that...now I barely train my starter. :x Oh yeah..I'd try to catch the highest level ones...and use legends. Honestly...I don't like using legends anymore. ^^;

    I see :) well most siblings fight. It's good taht you guys didn't *too* often. ^^ Haha that's great. I'm really shy in school, but my friends know me for being bubbly and hyper. XD =O I'm a contradiction o_O xDD Well I'd name a turtle a human name...but I think I get what you mean. xD LOL Oh you said that they were small turtles :p Red Sliders are common turtles for pets. ^^ I love learning about animals, so I'm pretty good at identifying them. :3

    CAKE IS A LIE. You get....cookies :D I read this one book series by the same author called "Warriors" (it's about feral cats) and then a new series with dogs is coming out. I really want to find out about it now. XD Just see how they learn to live without people. That makes sense. I wonder if fox like dogs could survive well too? =o *thinks of my papillon* OMG that would be awesome. LIKE AN ARCANINE!!! <3
    Lol I can imagine. XD LOL well maybe it could be something to laugh over? Nah...laughing over is for those terrible, terrible mistakes. Like the time I was trying to get a ball out of the tree with a rock. I threw the rock through the tree and hit the car window. XD I was crying at the time, but now (a few years later) we just laugh at it. My dad still asks me how I managed to throw a rock straight through the tree and far enough to hit the car...and he even sounds somewhat proud. xDDD Really? People in my school stopped playing after Johto D= well I did get out of Pokemon a bit then, then I got back into it with FireRed/LeafGreen. :) I was so dumb with those games though. I didn't know the difference between Sp. Atk and Atk. XD LOL Yeah I can imagine big brothers doing that. XD Awesome! XDDD LOL...I was never into sports, but I was always hyper in the morning when going to school (in 10th grade) my friends complained I was draining their energy 8D

    Lol I don't know. It doesn't seem that bad of a name; I don't even know it's origin. XDD I kind of think turtles can be named anything..besides like Fluffy or Spot. XD Lol! Are they Red Sliders? =o

    OMG IKR? I can't believe he bit me. o.o His name was pumpkin. He was a little brat. XD Oh sorry, you just made me think of a book series that's coming out soon called "Survivors" about dogs surviving without humans, and on the cover I noticed small dogs. Now I'm interested to how they'll survive Congratz. I think you got me into a new book series xD. I wonder. =o "Chiwawas :p" had to do it //shot// would be taken by hawks. The ones that survive over time will eventually get poison fangs and take over the world. ^^ Chihuahuas...they do. I think they are smaller than cats o.o
    Haha I almost did really. It was so boring near the second half to me. XDD Lol I'm glad I did too. It was hilarious, because the day I said I was D-O-N-E with the Pokemon anime, I got back into it because of Dent and Iris. XDDD LOL that'd be hilarious. Oh yeah totally. He catches Arceus. XDDDD

    LOL I think we all would. She uses that line a lot, and for other people too. o.o XD Aww that's sweet. :) I remember I'd brag about my dad a lot. I think I still do a bit. XD LOL that's funny with Pokemon Sapphire. Man I remember when kids at school actually liked Pokemon. D= Now they just make fun of it >.> LOL XDD That's really funny. Did your brother teach you how to play basketball?

    Eh...I don't even know how to explain. But not like that, but they just seem to be...weird. Very weird. XD LOL that's actually funny. I'm imagining one of them biting a stranger. Haha Squirtle...XD Cammy? That's an interesting name. :) Oh I see, yeah they seem kind of small. They'll grow though. LOL it was. Actually one of them (he was a small little bugger who bit me once) was VERY fast. I had to run after him. XDDD Ok...well not THAT fast, but fast for a tortoise, that's for sure. XD Cats are nice pets too. :) Though, small dogs do make good companion dogs, because that's what small dogs were bred for. XD Yeah I can understand that. OH GOD no. Not a Chihuahua XDD those things are scary o.o XD
    That's still better than me, I've only gotten into two. XD Which is Pokemon and Ouran High School Host Club. I have watched some Digimon and Naruto, but it just never clicked I guess. ^^; I'm really picky with the shows I watch, and I really don't watch much tv. xD Then again, I have this "OCD" thing with shows, and books where I want to keep obsessing over them until they end. :x Oh I forgot about that. YES I loved the Prof. Ivy scene. xDD That was funny. I also love James around there too:


    XD Oh man, Alder meeting Cynthia would be win. XD

    Really? I always liked Max for some reason (it helped that the first episode I watched of AG was Max centered ^^; ) I think Max and Iris would get along. :p I remember Max one time called Ash and May out for being immature. XDDD Lol...he was a brat there, but it made him realistic (in a way). Much better than him just standing there and going "Congratulations Ash, you beat Daddy!" xD

    Oh I know I'm an Aunt. Their childrenz are messed up though o_O Like I don't know what goes on with that family. Ooh I see. LOL that's funny. Do our turtles have names? Oooh! When I worked at a nature park I walked tortoises. ^.^ One of them (the last day I was there) was so large I had to keep it from going into the bushes and it started dragging me along with it. XD I was all "NOOOO don't move!!!" XD Oh, I have three small dogs. :3 While bigger dogs seem a bit more "dog like" the small ones are excellent companion dogs. :)
    Yeah the first one was Hamlet. The 1 1/2 was based off of a spin-off from Hamlet I believe. :) I don't watch much anime xDDD but if it's humorous I'd like it. Ok yeah, I thought so (10 feet's a lot for a Hyena xP) Really? I would have thought Alder would have made you laugh. ODDLY Alder made me laugh, even though I didn't laugh at Brock. It was because he basically called Shooti a girl. XDDD

    Yeah that's the same with me. It wasn't until AG where I began enjoying Ash/May/Max/Brock. ^^; I liked Ash when I was little, but that was probably the only character. *I didn't hate Misty/Brock/Tracey I just didn't care for them too much; although I found Misty cool because she was the only main girl xD*

    Wow. XDD Technically, I have two half brothers, but I never count them (because they are old and I never see them xD). Aww! I love turtles :3 I have 3 dogs, one cat and 2 birds. I used to have a leopard gecko, but we had to give her to our friend when we moved. XD
    I think it was based off of one of Shakespeare's plays (from what I've heard) xD Lol Timone is one of my favorite characters too. xD I found it interesting that he met Rafiki before Simba got to know him (if that makes sense xD) Lol the part I liked was where his mom saw him in the Hula outfit. I can't remember where the Hyena scene went in though. I really want to rewatch this movie right now. It was cute. For some reason I never was into Brock (which is weird because I like comic relief characters ^^;) I guess it's because when I started to watch Pokemon I didn't give a crap about the main characters. :/

    Oh true. Really though, the first movies are almost ALWAYS for morales. XD Rofl...I don't have any siblings. :/ Only pets. XD
    I never thought of it that way. XDD

    Oh man I love all the Lion King Movies. Actually, I liked 1 1/2 a lot. XD It was funny.
    I never said Sinnoh had the best humor...just that Kanto's and Johto's were pretty dumb and childish
    Fair enough, but Hariyama's fat.

    *blushes profusely* - FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- DON'T SAY THAT
    Your newest avatar (let me guess, Brawly?) suggests otherwise.

    Hence my new sig. The future was clear as day to me, and it hurt to see. I plan on dousing my eyes with chlorine upon seeing Pingu.

    I do not comprehend, why would you think that?
    He said because it was dull and lacked humor... Oh come on, humor isn't suppose to be what the show is about anyway and when you think Kanto and Johto are funnier then Sinnoh, that's when you know you have a very low sense of humor
    He's a guy... anyway, he's ignorant, that's what he is. Saying the Original Series is better then the Sinnoh region...please
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