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Last Activity:
Dec 4, 2016
May 13, 2007
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Team Advent Leader

CRAZIE_GUY was last seen:
Dec 4, 2016
    1. shadowsfalling19
      Alright,just vm me back.
    2. shadowsfalling19
      Anytime this week, like in 1-2 days.
    3. shadowsfalling19
      Hey,Surreal Demise would pike to 5v5 OU war Team Advent
    4. Agonist
      i assume thats a no?
    5. Agonist
      want to have a war? 5 vs 5, standard ou
    6. LilPrinnyDood
      i kinda figured you were on vacation so i accepted another one it should end, plus i have to replace a member in the uu war.
    7. LilPrinnyDood
      want to battle by chance?
    8. LilPrinnyDood
      well im not object to an ou war, its just i figured we should spice it up, but take your time, i personally wont be ready til friday.
    9. LilPrinnyDood
      heya, well our war with sotl was halted cuz they fell apart. so if your up for a uu/nu(or did you just want uu) war still we have 5 able bodies, take your time assembling a squad of five and get back to me with a date you are comfortable starting.

      For the record: don't know if this means anything to you but i think your doing a great job running your clan, you really have your act together as far as i can see. keep up the good work. i look forward to our "war". perhaps in the future we can consider mix-clan tournaments.
    10. LilPrinnyDood
      how long do you think you'll need to prepare, because of your really delayed response on april 18thish i scheduled an ou war with sotl, if you think we can finish it before then i can pull some strings, otherwise we can postpone it until after, what say you?
    11. LilPrinnyDood
      Why hello crazieguy i am the leader of the clan Seven Deadly Sins. i am here today to challenge you to a war, though unluck other leaders i am open for a more unorthidox format, if you don't enjoy ou. my clan is also relatively open so im sure i can find a war line-up with whatever you come up with. i look forward to your reply.
    12. Big Beluga
      Big Beluga
      Hey Crazy, looks like we can do the battle now, right?
    13. Big Beluga
      Big Beluga
    14. Unwanted Fetus
      Unwanted Fetus
      Hey i think we're supposed to be doing a war battle. Just message me back when u r ready
    15. Lorenzo3
      add me as a friend?
    16. Shiny_Scizor
      umm hello I would like to Team Advent if possible ^_^
    17. PokeN3rd
      Yo Crazie, been a while. Our clan is looking for a war if you're up for one. 5v5, single elimination. Let me know if you're up for it.
    18. The Lost Dream
      The Lost Dream
      Hello :) are you in the right mood to have a battle with me . I'm new here and I need one , would you please accept that ? if not it's OK with me :)
    19. Rezzo
      Hey CRAZIE_GUY, I like the look of the clan. What do I have to do to get in?
    20. Kai678
      Hi. :PPPPP
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