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  • Yeah, I'm aware. Thanks. She's... unique; I'll watch my back.
    I suspected it! I actually have this habit where I respond to sarcasm seriously, and then the other person says "I was being sarcastic" and I reply "I know!" It's frustrating for everyone involved.

    I don't know. You could tell him, or just let it slide. Awkwardness ftw!
    I'll just keep thinking about it.

    Get back to me in a few days.
    One of my friends (who is a girl) is rather 'girl-drama-ish', but I just try to avoid it. The rest of my friends are fine.
    It's hard when it's through a computer! I kind of figured actually.

    *Shrugs helplessly*

    That's... lacks adjective good!

    I'm trying to get a bunch of my friends to be Homestuck characters for Halloween, but I'm not sure who to be...
    That reminds me of something that happened to me in PE class today. We were playing tennis outside and the guys at the upper court were annoying not wearing shirts because it was really hot and my friend said "Ugh, I hate guys" to which I replied "I don't hate guys but I'm not friends with very many of them." To clarify, two of my close friends are guys and there are others that I'm friends with, but the ones in my gym class, not so much.

    Calm, calm, calm down. We are friends!!
    Of course. He should know these things by now.

    Oof that stinks. That's good though!
    I know what you mean.
    Haha that's funny. Karkat would work too. Sorry >.>
    No I agree, he is cool! *Laughs*
    I'm glad.

    I'd rather not be spoilered then.
    Wow did you move? Do you say it will be interesting because of the classes you're taking?
    Oh, he said he hated it because some of his RL friends read it and became super-obsessed with it and were annoying about it, and he was really annoyed/put off by that.
    I like Karkat best of all the trolls I've met so far. Yeah I bet that will be hilarious. I think Dave is my favorite though (so far). His strife theme is the best too. I listen to it on repeat sometimes.
    You're welcome. No problem, take your time :)

    Did I ever link you this Ouran AMV?

    I had my first day of school today; it was pretty good. Have you started school yet?
    Luka used Shadow Sneak!

    Really?!?! He told me a long time ago that he hated Homestuck. I'll have to ask him about it sometime. Who's your favorite character?
    Thanks, I saw a tutorial online for making them out of Sculpy or Model Magic clay that seemed good.
    Oh, it's on the Homestuck bandcamp. I'll link coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A here, and Universe B here. Just a warning- they're pretty long. I like to listen to them while I do homework on the computer because the majority of the tracks don't have lyrics. And you can choose other albums on the left of the webpage.
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