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  • Kat! Hey!!
    It's okay. I'm glad you're doing well.
    Um, I haven't made a Skype yet, but I hope to soon, because one of my friends is living in Italy until January so I want to have one to talk with her. This is also a legitimate reason to ask my parents if it's okay to make one.

    I love Homestuck!! That's awesome!! I'm only on Act 5; I haven't read it recently. For Halloween I'm trying to get all of my friends to be Homestuck characters (we can wear Halloween costumes to school) which I really hope happens.
    Have you listened to the coloUrs and mayhem albums?
    Crazied Kat! :D Have a Luxray!

    your request has been made, please pick up your foreground image banner at flower paradise graphics and thanks again craized for choosing my artshop ;)
    I will. Oh yeah, I read on the Soul Eater club you're doing a college prep course right? Speaking of the Soul Eater club, I feel like it should be more active, but I'm not really sure what to do.

    It's okay. I still think it was a good movie. Yeah, I have to agree with you there. What have you been reading lately?
    Well that sounds fun. I'll think about it.

    I saw it! And I was disappointed >.> I actually liked it and it is really funny, but... the books are a lot better, in my opinion. I think my expectations were too high, because both you and one of my RL friends said that it was a really great movie, and then I went and read the graphic novels before watching the movie, so I had that story and standard in my head, and then the plot in the movie is a little different and this made me sad. It really good movie though, I love how they used the comic sound effects and stuff especially! Thank you for recommending it to me, it's because of that Ouran movie trailer you linked me that I read the books/watched it in the first place. And you should really read the books!

    That's great. Thank you. I can't wait for school to be over.
    Maybe I could get one without asking... Do you guys video chat? I'm not sure my parents would be okay with that.

    I finished the last one yesterday! It was a good series; it's really funny at the beginning and I was satisfied with the end. I hardly ever watch movies. I think I've told you this before: I'm that person who has never seen the movie you're referencing. My friends and I are having a sleepover on Friday though and I'm petitioning to watch it, so I might watch it then!

    I hope you did well on your finals! Mine don't start until the next Friday the 21st, and they go through the 26th, so I still have two more weeks of school >.>
    A bit! I haven't talked to you in two months tomorrow!

    That's good. It's fine, I haven't been on FF in a while myself.

    I read the 4th Scott Pilgram graphic novel on Friday- it was good! I can't wait to read the next one. I still haven't watched the movie though.
    it wasn't the size really it was just i couldn't extract the image and also some images don't overlay very well do to its save file format...best images are png but anyway your welcome ^_^
    your request has been made, please pick up your avi profile picture at flower paradise graphics and thanks agian for choosing my art shop ;)
    Looking forward to it! Well, I bet it's still cool.

    I understand that. I get so much homework (which is why I haven't been on here in a week), and next month is AP testing and there's just all this stuff. I'm happy that I have April break next week, do you get one?

    Sounds good!
    So... I don't get on here until Wednesday... or actually it's after midnight, so Thursday. Sorry 'bout that, I've had tons of homework this week. I see you haven't been on here in a few days either, I hope you're okay!

    That AMV was a bit odd...
    Here's an Ouran AMV for you.

    Also I'm going to be traveling starting tomorrow so I won't have internet access until Monday, and I might not get on here until Tuesday.
    Aw that's too bad. That's cool about the 3-pt. picture though. I'd love to see it, are you going to upload a picture of it to da?

    Oh wow, I need to check that more. I will read that sometime in the next couple of weeks!

    I sing that song sometimes, and I'm sure people think I'm weird. Which probably just adds to their perception of me already ^.^ I can't watch your AMV right now but I will next time on come on! Which probably won't be tomorrow and maybe not Sunday either because I'm in my state's All-State orchestra and I have rehearsal all day tomorrow and the concert is on Sunday.
    Nice. I did a 2-pt perspective project last semester in art. We had to draw a building. I chose my house- big mistake because it took me so long to finish! Oh well.

    I'm sorry for being sorry so much! (lol not really. I'm reminded of Ritsu. "I apologize to the world!" ^.^)

    I should have known that. How is L.N. coming along? It says in your sig the next chapter is only 2% done?

    I love that song and that was an awesome AMV!! Here's a weird Ouran AMV for you.

    Also sorry for not being on here in a while. I was in a show that is put on at my school every year. I should be on more after this, though probably not every day.
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