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  • I see, thank you then.
    ^_^ I'm sure that's it. Absolutely. Without a doubt. Defini- (sorry, overdoing it, I'll stop now.)

    Aw that's annoying! I haven't watched the anime yet, but I've read the entire manga, I really liked it.

    I can't watch the AMVs right now (my mom just said that it's very late [it's not that late imo] and that I should go to bed) so I'll probably watch them on Sunday!
    no problem its photobucket its effecting alot of people i noticed...so i have offically switched to imageshack for uploads...photobucket is glitching...it making us that have uploaded alot to upgrade and pay money to have more space and use it again...so im no on image shack now...

    edit: just in case though save the images to your computer and upload then with your account just i case...
    Aren't we all... If only there we more hours in the day...

    Yeah, I like writing long chapters... They take forever though. I don't mind backstory, I'd like to learn a bit more about Xlesa.
    let me check it may be just photobucket it does that..since then i switched to imageshack...photobucket likes glitching images alot :/
    Pretty good, also pretty busy though :/

    I saw already, you updated. (And it's a long one, too!) ^_^ I'll read as soon as I can!
    You're welcome!
    That's good.

    I only knew that it was Chinese New Year because it's printed in my school planner which I use to organize everything so I look at it all the time.
    What I meant was that lots of people have an irrational hate for all music from High School Musical, and I hoped that you were not one of those people.

    I just realized that I never wrote about the AMV! That one was good; I really like that song too. I loved that way that they incorporated so many of the character's stories. I didn't like the way that they used the bloodstains in the video, but I thought that the other effects were well-done.
    Here's a Tsubasa AMV to the same song, but be warned; it's FaixKurogane. I don't generally support yaoi pairings (though I am a Hetalia fan the only pairing I support is GermanyxItaly). I also can't remember if you said if you've watched/read Tusbasa or not, but if you haven't it contains manga and anime spoilers, so you may not want to watch it.

    If you have time you should read them! They're really funny!
    It was a while, yes. Thank you for the well-wishes, I had a really awesome time. The only downside is that I'm tired now, but I can live with it.
    Well good luck!

    Um... okay, I'm sorry... *awkwardly pats on back*

    ...wow that sounds confusing.

    That song fits Fruits Basket really well!! "I don't want the world to see me" fits with Kyo and his true form (and cat form) as well as Akito, and "Everything's made to be broken" fits with the curse" and "I just want you to know who I am" fits with Kyo finally telling Tohru about how he was involved with her mom. I think the manga used could have been a better, but the song was perfect!
    And don't worry, I own the entire Fruits Basket series, and I've read it multiple times! It's my favorite manga. Actually on the topic of Fruits Basket, Happy Chinese New Year!
    And here's a Fruits Basket AMV for you. Hopefully you're not one of those people strongly opposed to all songs from this, because I think this AMV is pretty good.

    Oh, sorry... again... anyway I recommend it, they're really funny!

    Also, just so you don't worry that I fell off the face of the Earth I'm going to be traveling starting on Tuesday, so I won't be on Serebii after today until around the 25th.
    That sounds really fun!

    Really? Lit said he didn't have them either. You're both lucky.

    Oh, sorry, I wouldn't know that one.

    That was really good! I've seen bits of that anime before, is it good? I like the animation style, it's like Angel Beats!. I wonder if they're by the same studio.
    Here's an Ouran AMV. If you haven't read the manga, spoiler alert. (There's only a little bit showing the manga.)

    I started reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and I love them!! They're so funny and well-written! I have you to thank for getting me to read the series, so thanks!
    I stayed up late last night typing an English paper. It was tiring. The chessboard sounds cool! I love drawing, but I've never drawn a chessboard before. Maybe I'll do that sometime; that would be neat. Why do you have to draw a chessboard? I have my math midterm tomorrow, and then midterms are over! I should be studying now.

    I'm sorry, I'm not getting it again ^_^;;

    Oh, I've seen that one before- it's really good! The clips used are well-chosen.
    Here's a one, it's Dreamworks, this time, Ouran AMV. I love "I can see us being sacrificed" and Mori saying "yeah" at 1:24.
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