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  • Whoops, didn't realize it wasn't up to date. I already have that, as well as am not taking any more of the starters til the HAs come out. Should be up to date now though!
    Cloning is done. You'll be getting 5 clones plus original of Jangmo-o and Goomy, plus Meditite for a total of 13 Pokemon.
    I have a "Wants" post that clearly lays out what I'm interested in, but yes, on the whole I only want Shinies, and only Shinies I am missing from my collection. I've been working on Shiny LivingDex for a very long time and as I am 30ish Pokemon away, I'm a little eager to finish it.
    Oh I know, I went back to the original post you made and realized it. I probably assumed you didn't list "shiny" again after the first one and didn't read carefully again after that. Sigh. >>
    Halfway through the cloning or so.
    No that's fine, I never noticed since no one ever offers me non-Shinies. @@ Be back with the clones in a moment.
    Uh, yeah, that's how the forum works. Just refresh every couple minutes, it's not that big of a deal.
    Also, uh, why is Feebas not Shiny?
    No, only here. I don't see why this is an issue, it takes time for me to do things anyway.
    I am finishing cloning, I'll be online in a couple minutes.
    Alright. Need a few minutes to get organized, I'll let you know when I hop on.
    Hey, remember Visitor Messages?? It would be really cool if you considered using these instead of triple posting.
    The trade you listed seems fine. I need to clone and then I can trade. You didn't tell me if you needed extra clones of anything either.
    Hello there! I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you, it's a very busy time of the year for me. @@ I've changed my trade times around which you can check in my thread,but my next available time would be my Wed night. The weekend is looking like I'll be around my Sat afternoon and Sun. Would any of that work for you? :0
    alrighty all done ^_^ which thanks for the trade I don't have heavy ball jangmo-o thanks :D enjoy your new pokes ^_^
    anyway when I mean sig I mean signature but if you confused here it is 1693-1320-3008 but I got all 9 ready to trade 6 breedjects and the other three your requests ^_^
    alright gather up 6 breedjects from my boxes and add you in, I will trade with you...so once I trade two breedjects I will have the pokemon you requested next after it ^_^
    hey creatious time to learn how to visitor message in my profile ^_^ its easier to do this sometimes but anyway if you click on my name on this visitor message it takes me to my profile in the white box you type in and post the message ^_^ If you want to trade I can trade now if you like? I saw you tried to pm me when my box is full I was at work when I saw it ;)
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