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  • I would like one of your Raquaza here are my offers
    shiny lvl.100 sceptile
    bahahahah pink DS.
    omg they have a red ds out now. i think i'd still end up getting the black one cos it looks so sleeeeeek.
    hahaha my weekends are always stoner-ific! :D
    and ZOMG my ds started doing that!! only periodically though, and the right trig officially doesn't work at ALL anymore sooo,, I think it's dying. :'(
    BUT HEY 3DS!!!! :D
    holy **** balls, that's intense!! sooooooooo glad you're okay, though!! sorry to hear your birthday was lame :,,(
    I want a 3DS SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD. I noticed yesterday the right trig on my DS lite is going wonky so I thought 'oh noes, DS is starting to die, MUST BUY 3DS' hahaa.
    are you still in a cast?
    haha yeaaaaaa I run. it's how I survive the munchies every single day. XD
    holy balls, you got hit by a car?!! what happened dude?
    going gooooooood! working a lot, smoking a lot, running a lot. so basically nothing has changed at all XD, how have you been dude?
    can u breed or catch me an iron fist golett please with adamant or quirky nature if the other is too hard to find. ide do it myself but i just restarted not long ago so nothing good to give sorry if thats a deal breaker
    Well if he wants one he can pay for one like everyone else! :p If I see him though i'll give him hell. I was so upset and angry when I had realised it had gone!

    What a douche! Newsagents are always a bit awkward but banning you is ridiculous they've lost out on a customer now, it's their own fault.

    Haa yeah that kid will want booze off you in the future :p That's rubbish though, sending a kid in. Stupid newsagents.
    My post was too long so I had to split it into two :p

    That's cool about the delayed reply, I do it a lot too! Cool about the stickers! I'd love pokeball stickers to decorate the world with! xD

    That's amazing about the Mawile! I've yet to explore challengers cave but a few people seem to have luck there xD Yeah the Axew is a Haxorus now and completally decimated Ghestis's Hydreigon :p Destroyed the last gym aswell.

    Although my newest shiny is two Magnemite I got from chaining, I'm trying to get a Baltoy via the same way just now.
    I really do not know it was a few years ago that I lost the book :p speaking of lost books though. I had my college degree show last week and the whole thiing was focused on my comic that I told you about. Well I go in today to take the show down and my comic wasn't on the shelf. My class mates and the class below us said it was there in the morning but after lunch it had dissapeared.

    After a bit of searching it was clear that it had been stolen! I was so LIVID, i've never been so angry in all my life. Yes I could make copies and whatnot but this was the original, the one I had worked my *** off and poured so much of my heart and soul into.

    Thanks to CCTV and a bit of detective work we found the culprit and he returned it but his excuse was a downright lie! He's a mature student in his 30s from the HND art and design course which was also showing with the rest of us so he KNOWS how precious an item on display is to the owner, plus there was a sign under my shelf saying that if anyone wanted a copy they'd have to pay for one.

    His excuse was that he thought it was a freebie he was allowed to take. Now A - The price sign plus common sense should have told him that it was not for sale and that if he couldn't see the sign he should have looked for it or asked someone. B - On the CCTV he clearly walked around the room, through the tables in the middle and went straight to my display, took the book without so much as a glance to anything else on show and tucked it away in his shirt out of sight and walked away again. Do you not think that is damn suspicious?

    Anyway I'm glad I got it back but I am not satisfied with his reasoning for taking it whatsoever. I still want to make him suffer for putting me through so much anger and worry.
    my black version doesn't like it all ethier...i've been through 655 eggs and no shiny feebas yet...still hatching...I still puzzled on the maliwe thing but it should work...hmmm...
    thats strage I just looked up maliwe and it shows it can be male or female...let me see why won't it breed together...
    yeah i know what you mean...its probably only a male then...yeah guess your stuck with the ditto then...I have to do that with my shiny petilil when i start mming after feebas due to petilil is only female...it stinks...
    thats weird they should work together but I can't remember if maliwe is just female or not so yeah...ill double check and send a mesage back...no problem with the help I just saw your post and tryed to help...
    Yes it is! I got a second shiny Axew from that batch and this time it is Adamant and has Mold Breaker! It's already a Haxorus :p I've now got all the badges and i'm about to do Victory Road. It's about time!

    I love stickers! I loved the pokemon sticker book I got and I stuck the pokemon into the shaodws when I got the dex entry for it :p More insentive to finish the dex if I have stickers to play with.

    I know right! I lost my favourite toy ever in Floritda when I was five and I had a FFVII guide that came with a magazine that I adored because of the front cover. I hid it for aparty so it would be safe and can't find it now! I miss it lots.
    hey left a message for you in the shiny thread...hope it helps just wondering what the parents sayings are with the daycare man says depends on the egg production...How you are saying in 2 days with 32 eggs...sounds like a "They are somewhat getting along"...thats the worst for breeding...whats the parents?...just trying to help...
    I will be sure to show you when it's up =] Got a heck of a lot to do before I will get round to it though. A couple of spelling errors to sort too :p Yeah not much has changed with the whole being obsessed with pixel animals thing has it? First Tamagotchi then Pokémon... and now still Pokémon. I ended up losing the Tamagotchi by leaving it on a shelf of toys to look at a toy, forgot to pick it back up and I swear the little boy next to me took it. D:

    Amazing! You let your 3 month old little girl watch Watchmen! xD That'll show all them angry mothers that it's really no problem to show youngsters violent films since they'll not have a clue what is going on aside from "Ooooh Big Blue man! ^3^"

    Lol both my sister in laws have said the same thing about not ever having another one :p They love theirs and think they are each the best child to grace the planet's surface but they'll never have another! Oh noes! The arm reaches for the alcohol cabinet after they say it.

    Everyone says to me i'll eventually want one, it makes me want to prove them ever so wrong >:) hehe!

    I have more shiny related news but I need to post in my clubs about it first, also Shiny Doug visits my profile so if I tell you he'll know before I post in the clubs. xxx
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