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  • Can't wait; sounds perfect yeah! ;p Aw Cremia of course you won't be. XD You've gotta be intelligent! I know I've not known you for a while yet but I think everyone's intelligent in their own way and we'll find out your Battling Style; believe it! ;p Oh my... that video... *Facepalm* XD I'm gonna beat you HARD for that. ;p YES. YES WE SHALL. We'll need supplies to survive though if we're gonna nerd it up. =O Oh! And we can't forget Twister. Us girls gotta have fun! *Gigglez* (XD) PF. You win; gimme a break. ;p I'll school you in the ancient arts of pwnage! ;) I MAY go easy on you. Yes that's a MAY. >=) (I'm such a jerk aren't I? XD) ... You did; you mentioned it again. *Sighs and lays out quilt and tent for you* This is gonna be a while. XD

    Ha, ha; I guess it isn't. XD Difficult for me to make friends when I do though. ;p Trying to identify with genuine people is a hard thing to do but oh well. Stealing... MAH DOGTAG?! >=O Wait... must think of a way to... I know! *Tickles to death* EAT IIIIIIT! >=D (XD) Yes. Yes we are. *Rockin' highfive* XD

    Ha, ha, ha! Me too, me too. =) Unfortunately though I won't be moving for another few years if at all so. XD But when I do and if we ever bump into each other we can kick butt on a nerd up night! FTW. XD Love them so much. Yeah Price is winnage. ;p I still remember his cameo in the Simpsons; I lol'd hard. XD

    Yeah you are you jerk. XD They are? Well thank you! Yours are not half bad themselves. ;) Ah, ha, ha, ha; I've seen a lot worse believe me. XD

    *Gasps* =O N-Nooo... Killed... someone...! ... Oh fail move Cremia! XD Opposite huh? Is that like... dying of happiness? =O ... MY FINGERS ARE JESUS THEMSELVES. *Me Gusta* Rofl. Sure honey; Just call me up when you want a grind. ;) BAHAHAHA. XD LOVE this music. And I shall; Challenge Accepted! ;p And they are huh? =O *Writes down feverishly* THIS IS GOOD STUFF. (XD) Yeah I'll see what I can do. ;p 'Till next time!

    - Syrus
    Ha, ha, ha! *Pulls fingers* Bring it! ;p And so what! I can teach ya! =D Just like my Sensei taught me! AND YES. >=D Ha, ha, ha. YOU? Kick MY butt at a Party game? PFF. Advance upon me brethren! ;) Lmao all right fine I'll leave ya there. XD Call us when ya want out. ;p ... TO TASTE JUSTICE.

    New student ftw. ;p Yes, yes it is. XD Lmao! That meme I almost forgot about. XD You are growing more win.

    Pizza? Check. Pasta? Check. Soft drinks? Check. BRING IT ON. Price you winnage man you. XD Can't wait for this now!

    PFFFFFFFFF. XD I spat out my soda again you ragamuffin. XD I have the worst taste in jokes. =| Zing! ;D (XD)

    *Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle* DIIIIIIEEEEEEEE >=D (XD) Intentionally doing the opposite of what you say... ftw. ;D Hey no worries babe! Ya ever want a tickle session from my fingers be my guest. ;) And nah my brother didn't want to bother going up so we left it. =/ Couldn't be bothered myself really. XD I'll take a rain check on it and give her one later! More brownie points ftw.

    - Syrus
    I know, but I thought it came up auto, which is why I was so disappointed at myself for not realising. >.> I can't believe how much of a noob I was, even if I was young. xp Another game I messed up in was Mickey's Wild Adventure; I could never beat the final level until I got much older. =c

    Good girl. There is hope for todays generation yet. :D And come on, you can do it; you just need to believe and it shall appear! =summons Toy Story 3= see? :D And yeah, it was. Ending was a bit of a bummer though when they shredded the door. Saddest ending goes to Toy Story 3 however; you knew your childhood was over when they closed the curtain on that trilogy. =/ And I agree; its the worst Pixar movie by far, which is a shame as it spoils their otherwise pristine condition. And yes you are. XP Aww, why no drink? D:

    Alrighty. So Alien, Nightmare on Elm Street, Secret Window, 1408, and Let Me In. The last one is not so much a horror as a romantic horror.
    Oh my God, so do I. We used to live in a house were, if it rained too hard, the power would go out for like the whole night. Cause the house was really old, and had messed up wiring and stuff. But, the worst part was that all of this would happen during the Winter, so we'd just freeze to death in the dark. :/
    Jeez. We had a crazy storm here yesterday too. It was really loud, kept knocking out the Internet and cable, had hail and everything.
    I didn't. Hell I was halfway to cruising to Forest Haven when I suddenly blurted out "Where the **** is my sail!? D:" My young self was impatient indeed; half an hour to move two map squares is not funny. XD

    Good. You have saved me from delivering a Falcon Punch to your musical taste. >=) And yes, you must! As in, RIGHT NOW. WATCH IT. NOW. SUMMON IT FROM THE AIR AND LOVE IT. o_O Aww, Monster's Inc was win...then again, it is a Pixar film, and everyone knows no Pixar film is terrible... *ignores Cars* Yep, no terrible film at all... And aww, that's adorable...so adorable, it must be corrupted. Now, for your 18th, you must get drunk and something stupid. :D

    See? It's easy. :D And once we are done with IT, we can move onto better horrors. Alien is god. :D
    My weekend was good. I didn't really do anything to celebrate St. Patrick's Day except have corned beef and cabbage for dinner though. But I had some fun stuff happen.
    Hi, love your avy! I know it's a bit late for dis but, welcome to serebii and enjoy your stay. :)
    Yeah, it was. I remember when I first started it out, I forgot to put the sail up, so I had to cruise to Dragon Roost Island. Took me ages. XD

    Of course you can. But I can change to JUSTIN BIEBER OMG AND AND ONE DIRECTION OR MILEY CYRUS OK :D And...O_O GO SEE IT NAO. I am horrified, girl. HORRIFIED I TELLS YA. O_O And yes it is. I'm gonna have my -CENSORED- birthday fairly soon as well. I will turn 19!...19 years old. :D And good. It only caught mine because its fun to troll his fanbase. X3

    Thats why I want to see it, and if you really get scared Syrus loves hugs, so just cling to him. XP And yeah, but thats why you must watch it! It's only when we see something we really fear that we become alive...the adrennalin rush is great. Though spiders are too far. >.>
    Agggh I hated having no connection. XD That's good and I'm glad to hear it though! ;p I'll have you an epic battler in no time! I wouldn't huh? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. >=) Ha, ha; I'd so kick butt at it if it were. XD That does it if we ever meet and you're where I get to in America we're SO getting down to some Mario Party and I'm kickin' your butt hard. ;p LMAO Cremia! XD You pulled a meme for epic win. XDConspiracy Cremia ftw! XD Le gasp! ... You mentioned the Super Mario Bros. movie. YOU MUST BE PURGED! >=O

    Really? I gotta teach you up on this stuff. XD Yeah a dogtag though; SOOO love it. XD Cool! You got the Hylian Shield Badge! All Pokémon will listen to you now. THAT'S ALL. >=( (XD)

    We'll make a day of it together and kick its butt so hard. Or better yet do a multi if we ever meet and do it together! XD PURE WINNAGE. Vincent Price; win. XD I think I'll like this new movie. ;p

    JUSTICE. I guess. XD =O Le gasp! *Me Gusta face* Ha, ha, ha. XD YES. YES THEY ARE.

    Lmao love this. XD Another bluff off ftw. COME AT ME BR- Uh I mean... No problem honeybun. ;) I'll make those feet feel like they're in HEAVEN. (Ha, ha; I'm so evil aren't I XD) Yeah no worries though I'll kick some butt hard at it. Just to see her face will be good though. XD I think I'll be seeing her today we'll see.

    - Syrus
    Ha, ha, ha! I'M TEACHING HER! XD Yeah; it's amazing isn't it? XD Work with what ya have! I'm more of a real Battler now though so. ;p And awesome! I guess. It really depends on my teacher. cleftboywonder's really strict and GigivShion's like Haruhi from that Japanese cartoon so... I'm worried I'll annoy them. XD HEEELLLP MEEEEE. =( YES EPIC RACE TIME IS EPIC. *Backstroke, backstroke* Bloopers Lmao. XD I now know where I want to live; The Mushroom Kingdom!

    And isn't it Ironic... Cremia? ;p Love that song; I'm such a fruit. XD Oh yeah; the surprise woops. XD You won't be able to see it because the 3DS has a weak backer so... it's a dog tag of the Legend of Zelda I wear in it. SOOO NERDY. XD

    Yeeaaah I know what ya mean. =( This inspires me to beat it on VC. DAY 1 OF DKC SERIES ASSAULT. (XD) And I guess I'll find it soon! ;p It should be shipped to my house so I'll have something else to watch.

    In a good way? I guess; nice to see I don't ANNOY you with it. XD ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED; HALF DECENT HUMOUR. (XD) Hey no worries honey. ;) And they WOULD retreat. But only because I'm so UGLY underneath it. XD RUN FOR THE HILLS; SYRUS IS SHIRTLESS YOU COWARDS (XD) Ftw.

    *Spurts out soda* XD Aw man took me off guard with that one. XD NO UH I MEAN. Sure dear. ;) *Snort* XD And ahhh I see. =O I remember my ex girlfriend once asked me to do it for her feet 'cause she worked for a nursery so I tried it. Unfortunately I made her tickle a lot so... Challenge Failed. XD My only time too. =( Think I'll try it on my Mom or something when next I see her. I bet she'll be so surprised when I pull out the fingers and work on her toes. XD "OMG ASDFHSGSHSG! >=O" XD Epic reaction will be PRICELESS. Wish me luck! >=)

    - Syrus
    Hell yes. Although the Windwaker was pretty epic too. :3

    Ach, its fine. Like a rubber ball, I shall bounce back. :D And because it's Thriller. Does it really need to be explained? XP Yeah, 90's Disney was da bomb-diggity. Though it was Pixar that truly owned my childhood; Toy Story 3 has been the only film I shed a tear for, due to one of the few links to my childhood leaving. D: Yeah, sequels tend to suck, though I liked the Rescuers; Down Under and An American Tale until the third one. Not sure if the latter was Disney though. =o And yeah, totally. I'm so old. srsly. :D Good; Sonic is deader than Abe Lincoln and Jesus combined. =3

    Goddamnit, now I want to see that. XP It's just Tim Curry in facepaint...which, oddly enough, WAS creepy, but the film by and large just made me laugh. XP
    Me Gusta Cremia (XD) Lmao screw you I'm so kickin' its butt with Oblivion. XD My Blastoise has the worst IV's and it EVEN kicked Palmer's butt hard. ;p Bring it! Ugh I feel so useless that I can't swim though at MY age. But sure we can race each other! If I don't sink first. XD We can make it like a Mario Party minigame ftw. XD =O So your patience has a limit huh... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. ;) XD

    PRRRRRRROMOTION! *Light envelopes* Love that meme. XD Ugh humid; I hate that too. =( Sticky clothes ftl. All it does is show off my IMPRESSIVE physique(!) ¬_¬ Plus make me hot and sweaty which annoys me as well. I really should learn some more patience shouldn't I? XD Awesome! It's nerdy so you might like it. ;p I know I do! *Insert awesome face here* XD

    Don't worry I didn't finish it either. ;p Part of why I downloaded it on VC. XD MUST BEAT IT. Ha, ha; no worries I've bought it from Amazon. XD NOW I PLAY THE WAITING GAME. *Taps fingers on desk*

    Lmao. Yes, yes and a thousand times YES. XD Almost as hard as I Wanna Be The Guy. And I'll give it mah best shot! Hey what if I could change my appearance to match myself in real life then I send out my POKÉMON? =O OHHHH I'D KICK SO MUCH BUTT. XD You'd have an epic bodyguard THEN. ;) XD I'm so arrogant aren't I. No worries they won't touch us; worst comes to worst I'll just take off my shirt and they'll be too dazzled to fight. *Snort* XD

    Sure babe I'm like Julius Winifield; I can do a mean massage. ;) (XD) *Snort* It's fine so am I. XD Epic bluff off ftw. Nah to be serious - for once XD - I've never done any massaging before. Wonder how the pros do it? =O MUST RESEARCH.

    - Syrus
    Ha, ha; Me Gusta = a meme. XD It means basically "ME LIKEY". Lolz the Red Gyarados though. NOT BAD. But my Blastoise could do better. *Arrogant sniff* True enough though it IS epic! Certainly beats swimming which I CAN'T do. (XD) I MUST LEARN SOMETIME. I guess I can have cleftboywonder teach me or GigivShion. Or heck even you if we ever meet. You have to understand though; I'm an idiot so patience is a virtue. (XD)

    Yup hard thing to do sometimes. =( YES YOU. YOU HAVE THE SKILL. >=( TAKE IIIIIT. Ha, ha; lucky. I sometimes get caught in it and so leg it to get to the house quicker. Unfortunately it does NOT work and I end up drenched. XD Har, har. XD I'll get the pictures tomorrow anyways and you can lol hard at my fugly face. I also wear a surprise on my neck that you might like. *Dr. Evil face* XD Ugh lines though yeah. It's why I moved from staying in for lunch at school to heading out. ¬_¬

    Yeah same here! LOVED everything about it. XD SUCH A FANBOY OH YES. Wow really though that long? You need to play it more than me. XD Yeah I really should order that Mouse Detective thing off Amazon. XD TO AMAZON I GO

    Awww DONKEY KONG COUNTRY! XD I LOVED it! Downloaded it on Virtual Console. *Drools* So I'm Diddy and you're Dixie eh. FRICKING WIN. XD

    That'd be a good idea! You should get someone to massage your feet for epic winnage. I had it done and it was SOOOO GOOOOD. (XD) Especially after long walks. Cursed feet. >=(

    Sorry about the longish reply btw I'm juggling Facebook and this. XD

    - Syrus
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