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Recent content by Cressisnumber1

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    Morph Legends 3.0 (PG-13)

    Diamendas (Diomond) Crest Ray Location:Tenoch "Flight 101, 300 feet above the ground!" The flight attendant announced. " Huh..Huh!" Diamond mumbled confused in the crowded plane. Diamonds ears felt clogged, and his gallade was dressed as his dad and Buziel wrapped in a bundle, as it landed...
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    Morph Legends 3.0 (PG-13)

    Atalanta Perez Boating Across Sinnoh Affected RP'ers: Kendall Varvaro (Chili) The boat quickly picked up speed as they left the docks. However, they soon learned that that the mob of reporters couldn't have gotten to the Resort Area without a boat. As their boat moved past a wave, they saw...
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    Morph Legends 3.0 (PG-13)

    Diamendes (Diamond) Crest Ray Location: Lentimas Town Dialga Diamond fell on his bottom with his palms on the ground. He looked up and saw a Gallade with it's arm, now extended reaching to lift Diamond up. When he grabbed his arms and came back up, Diamond looked at his blood stained hands. He...
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    Morph Legends 3.0 (PG-13)

    Atalanta Perez Resort Area Affected RP'ers Hedge (Chili) OOC: This isn't bunnying we agreed to it. - ------- ----------------------------------------------------------------...
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    The Gijinka Project - Sign Ups

    I would like to join this RPG.
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    Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much!
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    Can I still join the RPG?

    Can I still join the RPG?
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    Review This Song, Then Post Another

    The song gives me a nostalgic-end of high school-feeling. 9/10 Jessica Lange-Life On Mars (David Bowie Cover)
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    Morph Legends 3.0 Sign Ups (PG-13)

    Name: Atalanta Perez Age: 10 Gender: Male Legendary: Kyogre History: Atalanta is a ten year old boy and was named after the Greek goddess of adventure and travel even though this was a girl goddess name the parents loved it. He was born with an attached twin and a few months later a...
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    Morph Legends 3.0 Sign Ups (PG-13)

    My character is going to be based off of Carrie from the movie Carrie so be prepared! XD
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    Biggest ripoffs you've seen at a store

    Me and my brother had to share 20 dollars and he bought 18 dollar socks and i got a piece of candy. yay......
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    Biggest ripoffs you've seen at a store

    Glasses/ small pieces of jewelry that are over 1,000 dollars
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    Aspects of yourself you dislike

    I have trouble finding male friends cause there really rude when they talk to me and do not give me respect i wanna go Carrie White on them!
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    Things you like about yourself

    I like my hair because of the fact it turns dirty blonde in the summer.