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Crimson Penguin

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  • You and your brain are missed in this thread: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/pok%C3%A9mon-riddle-revival.663345/

    I'm dying out there
    thank you very much for the FC trade. i can now go for my little project for gen7 for item theiving.

    i see your chose the balls mostly for the color coordinaltions for the shiny forms. i try to do that for both normal and shiny form too.
    np, i havent cleared the PMbox in a long time, dream ball it is (4 egg moves on it).
    hello, crimson penguin. sorry for the delayed response, i just got a reply from the friend safari regarding the vivillon pattern available in the gen6 friend safari system. apparently its only the meadow pattern that is available in the FS while only wild route are local patterns outside the FS. when might the best time be to catch you online in a gen 6 game tomorrow? id like to see if the meadow pattern really does appear only in the friends safari. here's my 2ds FC is 4485-2497-2628 ign (XY) Nelliel

    i have 64 varieties of gen6 bank ball females available for trade and around 30 that i just dont have space to keep spare females in stock. most have egg moves and some are hidden abilities of dream balls. i can offer you 5 of them in return for helping me get a vivillon safari FC.
    thank you for the reply regarding the Vivillon pattern. my character in UM (Female) is wearing the lurantis outfit and i thought it would look fitting to have the pink meadow Vivillon. i have other lvl 100 Vivillon i got from pkmn X/AS and sun but none were of the particular details i wanted. long ago i had a meadow Vivillon FC on the list but lost is somewhere with 2 optimizations for removing duplicate Pokemon safaris.
    hello Crimson Penguin. im looking for someone with a meadow pattern vivillon friend safari (in gen6) for a gen7 use. which pattern is your vivillon in your gen6 game? if so can please have access to your friend safari? i have a fighting: Sawk Machoke Tyrogue safari
    Warn your warmth to turn away
    Here it's December, every day
    Press your lips to the sculptures

    (Love Like Winter - AFI)
    Nice one! Especially because I love that song!
    Congrats on Volcarona! It's so great to get a shiny after such a long hunt, hopefully your 7th badge quest will go much faster.
    I saw your question in the Shiny Thread about SRing for Sycamore's Bulbasaur, and yes, you can actually get it later on. When you battle him, you have to have a full party of 6 Pokemon, and then when you select Bulbasaur, you can decline to send a Pokemon back to the PC, and then you can leave and come back whenever to SR. It also makes SRing much faster, because you won't have to battle him each time. Hope I was helpful!
    No problem! I know how it feels. My bird is still alive, but my life would be pretty empty without him. It is good to hear that you got that Pidgey. I hope you train him well. :)
    I'm sorry to hear about your bird :(
    I know how it feels, because I am very attached to my parrot ATM.
    I saw it in the General Shiny Thread. I hope you get that shiny Pidgey soon ;)
    Truly sorry to hear about your bird, Crimson. I lost animals in the past (a cat, recently, too). It's hard, whatever the size, the age or the type of animal it is. But... We can't help but to think it will be well in heaven, right..?
    I wish you well, and hope it will be alright in no time... :)
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