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Crimson Penguin
Last Activity:
May 28, 2019
May 30, 2012
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Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on, from Probably at a concert

Crimson Penguin was last seen:
May 28, 2019
    1. ShinyMienshao
    2. ShinyMienshao
      I know!!! I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. ShinyMienshao
      Yup. The third route. I played the Japanese version on my computer DX
    4. ShinyMienshao
      I had a lucario in a playthrough once in my platinum.
    5. ShinyMienshao
      I'm starting with Oshawott like I always do, I'm getting (Riolu, Mareep <----All overused)

      Then the rest will be going along...
    6. ShinyMienshao
      I'm getting B2. WBU?
    7. ShinyMienshao
      Did you get the Keldeo yet?!?
    8. White_Roar~
      It's ok take your time ^_^

      Ok bye n_n
    9. White_Roar~
      Have you thought of anything for the grass part besides Vincent?
    10. White_Roar~
      I'm considering cropping it a little because I so I don't break the sig rules. I also asked for a sig check.

      BTW, have you thought of any names? Tess would've been great! But I'll use it in the 6th Region
    11. White_Roar~
      I actually copied the Pokemon pictures and then used Photobucket for the added effects it all cam out REALLY well! ^_^
    12. White_Roar~
      I made the Banner myself but I may have made more beautiful at a shop ^_^
    13. White_Roar~
      I wanted to tell you Be sure to check out my AWESOME SIG!!! :D

      I purchased userbars for it and I'm about to get a banner for it ^_^
    14. ShinyMienshao
      Yup they will :D
    15. ShinyMienshao
      Yup I knew it >_<

      Gonna wait for the legit ones in BW2?
    16. ShinyMienshao
      I have a meloetta and genesect I can give :D

      But they're hacked :(
    17. ShinyMienshao
      Thanks for accepting

      Yah hi.
    18. White_Roar~
      My Flareon on Pokemon Red that I remade on Soul Silver has:

      Fire Fang

      Held Item: Toxic Orb

      Again that sounded too much like a 19 year old XD
    19. White_Roar~
      I'm thinking that instead of Shuckle I'm going to challenge myself to get a shiny Deino

      Also what moves does you Flareon have on whatever game you have it in?
    20. White_Roar~
      I think that was kind of long it took me 3 days to hatch it XD I'm going to do Shuckle right now

      Vincent is VERY creative!! Try thinking of more ^_^
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  • About

    Probably at a concert
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Pokemon fan since 1999
    Flareon is my other favorite Pokemon.
    I am a huge OneRepublic and Sara Bareilles fangirl. Also, Imagine Dragons, The Fray, Coldplay, and X Ambassadors are pretty awesome too.


    Current shiny hunts:
    SoulSilver BQ #14 - Suicune - 600 SRs | Platinum BQ #6 - Route 202 - 750 REs | Sun Trial Quest #10 - Route 14 (Fishing)- 700 SRs
    Ultra Moon - Pheromosa - 50 SRs | Y Route Quest #3 - Route 3 (Phase 2) - 5200 REs | Crystal VC BQ #1 - Cyndaquil - 900 SRs

    Latest shiny:
    Platinum - 3417 REs - 5/17/19

    It's not what I asked for
    Sometimes life just slips in through a back door
    And carves out a person, and makes you believe it's all true
    And now I've got you​