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Crimson Penguin
Last Activity:
May 28, 2019
May 30, 2012
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Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on, from Probably at a concert

Crimson Penguin was last seen:
May 28, 2019
    1. White_Roar~
      Oh the Club is NOT about Competitive Battling it's mainly about Pokemon Breeding. That's just one of our specials
    2. White_Roar~
      Did you get my PM?

      Also I was wondering if you'd like to join my Club! Please Read the first post to join! :D


      At my Club we feature:

      An [IMG] to help you with your EV Training an perfect your Pokemon's stats.

      The one and only Battle Tournament which you can play Wi-Fi and win a Pokemon of your choosing.

      The Pokemon of the Week!

      Pokemon Opening song of the Week!

      Breeding Challenge of the Week!

      And a Egg Group Encyclopedia ^_^
    3. Drdj11
      No problem.
    4. Drdj11
      Yea but it does has good Sp.Def.
    5. Drdj11
      I like your choices of favorite pokemon.
    6. VS
    7. VS
      congrats on your near complete pokedex.
    8. White_Roar~
      Oh Hi! You're online make sure you reply to my PM
    9. White_Roar~
      Hi I sent you a PM make sure you reply to it :)
    10. TheZoruaBreeder
      Good Job with completing the 'dex!
    11. SmartD
      Slayers is fantasy anime about magic and monsters and stuff. Skiyomi usually has Slayers avatars and signatures.
    12. Robotic Wind
      Robotic Wind
      Am I of nature or of mankind?(pokedex says mankind but voltorb can be found in the wild)
      Only Space can confirm my identity.(round as the moon)
      My companion has left the past behind,(Voltorb's pokedex about being created then being mistaken for pokeballs and blowing up a lab)
      But I must remember bygone days forever.

      it ain't much but still I thought I had it
      Who am I?
    13. Princess Raspberyl
      Princess Raspberyl
      Water/Fire would certainly be a unique combo. And a Water type Elephant would be cool to see ^_^
    14. Princess Raspberyl
      Princess Raspberyl
      *coughlikegiraffesanddolphinscough* I agree. Speaking of which...have we even have any Elephant Pokemon? O+O Just curious...
    15. Princess Raspberyl
      Princess Raspberyl
      Delibird's cute though, ya gotta admit that. =P I never knew Kyorge was based off an orca. O+O *epic fail* And we've had quite a few Monkey Pokemon as well. Mankey and Primeape I think are monkeys, along with Chimchar and the elemental monkeys in Black/White.
    16. White_Roar~
      what do you mean by "Sweet"?
    17. Princess Raspberyl
      Princess Raspberyl
      Delibird doesn't count because Delibird fails in battle? :3 =P And I'd like some more Dolphins personally. ^_^ Dolphins are cool. The closest thing to a Dolphin we've had so far is Lapras.
    18. White_Roar~
      Hey I wanted to tell you that I'm changing the story "I woke up one day and I was a Turtwig" to "I woke up one day and I was a Torchic" Chikorita (Female) is my Partner Pokemon and that story will have a sequel known as "Torchic and Chikorita's Quest for the Time Gears" and Chikorita and I fall in love with each other in the story (It's kind of like a Shipping Mystery Dungeon Story)

      Also Chikorita and I have a Open Mouth Kiss at the middle of the story "I woke up one day and I was a Torchic" Also we are just boyfriend and girlfriend in "Torchic and Chikorita's Quest for the Time Gears" Once we have an Open Mouth Kiss Chikorita finds it to feel so great and it happens at night when we're sitting by the shore and we were driven out of town because of the Ninetales curse people believe in. Once we leave, we have many adventures and that night I tell Chikorita what I think of her and she thought the same way about me then we kiss. And we're always together after that.
    19. Princess Raspberyl
      Princess Raspberyl
      I know. =P And an evolution would be badass. I used Girafarig in a playthrough of Emerald and it wasn't bad. I liked using it and it's based off my favorite animal. =D Seriously, we have quite a cat pokemon, a few worm and bag worm pokemon, and a ton of dogs. Is another giraffe too much to ask? T+T
    20. Princess Raspberyl
      Princess Raspberyl
      They're just not my favorite animal. Giraffes are. GAME FREAK JUST GIRAFARIG WILL NOT CUT IT FOR MY POOR, GIRAFFE LOVING SOUL T+T. =P And Piplup for the win 8D
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  • About

    Probably at a concert
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Pokemon fan since 1999
    Flareon is my other favorite Pokemon.
    I am a huge OneRepublic and Sara Bareilles fangirl. Also, Imagine Dragons, The Fray, Coldplay, and X Ambassadors are pretty awesome too.


    Current shiny hunts:
    SoulSilver BQ #14 - Suicune - 600 SRs | Platinum BQ #6 - Route 202 - 750 REs | Sun Trial Quest #10 - Route 14 (Fishing)- 700 SRs
    Ultra Moon - Pheromosa - 50 SRs | Y Route Quest #3 - Route 3 (Phase 2) - 5200 REs | Crystal VC BQ #1 - Cyndaquil - 900 SRs

    Latest shiny:
    Platinum - 3417 REs - 5/17/19

    It's not what I asked for
    Sometimes life just slips in through a back door
    And carves out a person, and makes you believe it's all true
    And now I've got you​