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    BCVM22 how far are you in the game?
    Just about to start the Lanayru Mining Facility.
    Don't drop HunterXHunter till the 25 episode mark. It starts off slow but man does it get good later on in the series.
    I'm perfectly aware of how good Hunter X Hunter gets. I'm a massive, massive fan of the manga. But that is the reason why this adaptation isn't really working for me. It's too... kiddy. And let's not even talk about the music. With the manga back in my life on a permanent basis, I'm really tempted to just abandon the new anime and let it die in the dirt. And anyway, it'll probably take more than 26 episodes to get to Yorknew.
    I only call that specific manga by that name because it is crap + I don't read it.

    This is the internet, you do not 'rule' anyone, nor can you tell them what to do.

    Stop being a cyberbullying douche.

    I never heard that term before, but I'd bet your more of a weeboo than I'll ever be so kick rocks :\
    It's happened to me a few times. There's nothing I can do about it myself but if you go to the link PurpleSurge gives you about complaints and explain why (usually it's Xat which is the problem site) you'll get unbanned as soon as someone sees it. Tell them I vouch for you in the message if you want extra verification points in their eyes.
    You'll have to wait until server op can unban you, seeing as it was a server ban script that you triggered.
    Sorry, the scripts make it so if you link. . .certain things, you're auto-banned. We totally forgot until that happened >.<
    It was no problem at all. And I am doing well, thanks for asking. How are you doing?
    It was really sweet of you to leave like that, but I told them all who you are. Don't feel shy about coming on chat again :)
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