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  • You are very close to being dropped from the RP, it doesn't seem you have logged in for a few days since my last message, but if you don't respond, we will have to find a way to remove your character from play.
    We kinda need our test subjects active for this RP to work. If you feel that it's not yet time to post, then say so in the discussion thread so we don't get any wrong ideas.
    Hey, I see that you haven't posted in the RP for a while. I highly suggest that you do, seeing as how your faction is important and all. Do so, lest we'll find a proper replacement.
    Just letting you know that the Cordoned RP will start soon. I'd advise that you create your character reserve before we start. Or, if you want to take it out, that's fine too. Please notify me.
    I remember playing a demo for a Kid Icarus game on the Wii & it being super fun, so that's why I'm so stoked for Uprising.
    Never been much of a fan of the MD series, but it's still fun.
    Do you like Mario games?
    Well, since I'm not exactly a kid anymore, I don't get the gifts used to, but I'll be thankful for whatever I do get. My sister will be getting me Link Between Worlds, so I'll be looking forward to that. We kinda made it a tradition that she gets me a Zelda game every year.
    I'll probably get a few gift cards here and there, which I will gladly use online to most likely expand my 3DS game library. I really want Kid Icarus Uprising.
    Well, I've eaten since then, haha.

    Do you have an all-time favorite Christmas present? It can be any past Christmas.
    He takes a lot of crap, I think he deserves to be appreciated for once in his life, haha.

    So true. I've always liked Christmas dinner better than Thanksgiving dinner. I mean, turkey is okay & all, but I'm more of a ham guy. Also, gotta love twice baked potatoes.
    I think all this talk is trying to tell me that it's dinner time. ._.
    Just look at my convo with my friend Zephraxe..... That'll pretty much explain all you really need to know. :3
    Do you look up to Squidward? :p

    You know, it's funny; I never really look forward to presents anymore. I mostly just like Christmas for the overall feel of it now, and not to mention, the food! I drink gallons of eggnog this time of the year. ._.
    Clarinet, huh? Now there's one of the more underrated instruments. It does make for some good Christmas music, though.
    I personally can't wait for Christmas this year. Should be lots better than last year's.
    That's understandable. I know quite a few people who are doing finals this week (or next week), since I do believe winter break starts this next upcoming weekend.
    Do you mean watching concerts or actually being part of one? :p
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