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  • (blinking in surprise, then clearing throat) What a period of time the past few years have been for my view of the world. "Change" wouldn't begin to do everything I've seen, done, and learned justice. Have you been doing well in your corner of the world so far, old friend?
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    Hey there. I think my political interests have picked up more steam than I expected, especially after this past weekend's special campaign rally in my home city, which Sarah Palin attended for Rick Perry... my home state's governor. I seem to have settled into integrating Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship into my school activities as I deem appropriate, and I might some new opportunities in one of my classes in the next few months. How about you? Is 2010 going well for you so far?
    Thank you for the Christmas greeting. I received a couple of new books from my family yesterday, but for now, I have those books tucked away in favor of a decade in review for the past ten years. Speaking more recently, I have concluded that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has proven more effective than any other American political figure at combining optimism and strength of will with sincerity and compassion (hint, hint). Her book, Going Rogue: An American Life, I purchased for this past Thanksgiving, and when I finished, I saw in Palin an individualistic woman who seeks to use her creativity in pursuit of a free and prosperous America -- and consequently, a free and prosperous world. It will be a stark contrast with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's world-ending mission, at least as he sees it, and between that new revolution since this past June and Israel's recent recall of all of its top diplomats for a special strategic conference in the coming days, I can only be persuaded that Iran will dominate 2010. What do you think of the past ten years?
    Merry Christmas from my corner of the world. It's been quite a while since we last talked, I believe, but it would seem that my political interests have crystallized these last three months of 2009... alongside my support for Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship. At this moment, though, I have some Christmas parties to attend, and I should be fine. How are you?
    Aww, finals can get in the way alot. Dx
    I've been doing good! Only 2 days left until winter vacation starts for me yayy. xD Also my birthday was last friday, so that was fun. :3
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